CellFactor: Revolution dated

Physics-heavy sci-fi shooter from Artificial Studios makes debut this spring; game will be on display at CES from January 8-11.


CellFactor: Revolution

While spring is often portrayed as a time when flowers burst forth from the ground and baby deer frolic through the meadow, Artificial Studios wants gamers to see it as a time of gunplay, wanton destruction, and fragging.

The independent developer today announced that its upcoming PC shooter CellFactor: Revolution (once known as CellFactor: Combat Training) will be released this spring. Previously, the game carried a nonspecific "TBA 2007" release date.

Though Artificial doesn't nail down any hard release date, it does hint at March being the month the game ships. A statement from the company released today says CellFactor will be available approximately one year from the time it debuted at GDC 2006 last March, and a few months after this year's CES (January 8-11), where it will be demoed to attendees.

The first-person shooter is set in the future and features "true-to-life" physics, including "realistic cloth, fluid, and scattered debris effects." For more on CellFactor: Revolution, read GameSpot's previous coverage.

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