Celebrity Deathmatch E3 2003 Preshow Report

MTV's clay-animated bloodbath will be coming to the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and PC this fall


If you the love the idea of celebrities beating, bludgeoning, and hacking each other to death for no purpose other than your personal entertainment, then chances are you're a fan of Celebrity Deathmatch, MTV's clay-animated series that pits some of the world's most famous people against one another in some of the most creative and brutal matches imaginable. Soon, you will be able to take the carnage one step further with Gotham Games' Celebrity Deathmatch, a game version of the popular TV show that will allow you to control all the mayhem yourself by playing as and taking on more than 15 playable celebrities, including such megatalents as Shannen Doherty, Tommy Lee, Jerry Springer, Marilyn Manson, Busta Rhymes, Carrot Top, Ron Jeremy, Mr. T, Anna Nicole Smith, and NSync.

Characters in Celebrity Deathmatch will show noticeable damage throughout their bouts, including massive bruises, bloody wounds, and significant dents and deformities. The celebrities will have their own unique move sets catered to their specific personalities. Special death moves will also be available for every character, allowing you to finish off your opponent in grand fashion. Multiple game modes, arenas, and match types will be available in Celebrity Deathmatch, as well as numerous pieces of unlockable content. A create-a-celebrity mode will also be included, allowing you to create a reasonable facsimile of your favorite celebrity or an original character of your own design. Commentary will be provided by the original Celebrity Deathmatch announcing team of Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond, and world-famous referee Mills Lane will resume his officiating duties for the game.

Celebrity Deathmatch is scheduled for release in September on all three current-generation consoles as well as the PC. Expect more coverage of Celebrity Deathmatch in the coming weeks.

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