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Celebrated Xbox One Game Ori and the Blind Forest Profitable in One Week

"Microsoft is super happy, so we'll see about Ori's future," developer says.

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Indie game Ori and the Blind Forest, which received widespread praise upon its release last month for Xbox One and PC, turned a profit after just one week. Developer Thomas Mahler shared the news in a post on NeoGAF, also teasing that this success might mean more Ori in the future.

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"Business-wise, Ori was already profitable a week after release and Microsoft is super happy, so we'll see about Ori's future," Mahler said.

We spoke with Moon Studios co-founder Gennadiy Korol today, who confirmed the game was profitable for Microsoft after one week of sales.

However, it took "a couple of weeks" of sales for Ori to become a profitable project for Moon Studios itself, he said. Korol didn't say, however, how many copies of the game have been sold to date.

Ori sales are likely to increase further still, as an Xbox 360 version of the game is due out later this spring.

GameSpot's 9/10 Ori and the Blind Forest review hailed it as a "rapturous platformer that is as fun as it is beautiful."

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