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Celebrate Your Love Of Pokemon With A Ton Of Cool Merch

From adorable plushies to impressive PokeBall replicas, here's a look at the best Pokemon merchandise for the pocket monster fan in your home.


Pokemon is bigger than ever these days, and with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet coming later this year, now's a great time to add some pocket monster color to your home. The options are almost as big as the current Pokedex, as these days you can pick up Pokemon carrying cases for your Switch, fashionable T-Shirts of your favorite critter, and even model kits that you can build on a relaxing rainy day.

We've gone through the Pokemon aisle to have a look at which merchandise is best for the Pokemon fan in your home, and even if you can't buy 'em all, any of these items will be happily accepted when they're unwrapped. For more on the series, check out our ranking of the mainline Pokemon series.

Pokemon PowerA Controllers

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If Joy-Cons aren't cutting it for you, there are more than a few traditional controller options out there for playing games on the Nintendo Switch. PowerA's Enhanced Wireless selection of controllers happens to be affordable, durable, and look great, especially with the range of Pokemon designs available in this line.

Antank PokeBall Charging Station

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You could charge your Switch in the regular docking station that it came with, or you can instead express your love for all things Pokemon with a docking station that's designed to look just like a Poke Ball. The best feature here is that the charging station can be used for any of the three Switch console models that are currently available.

Hori Pikachu Edition Backpack

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If you're looking to go explore your own region and you want to carry your gear in a backpack that has a Pokemon theme to it, Hori has you covered. Officially licensed by Nintendo, this backpack has a tasteful application of black and yellow as well as a cute Pikachu tail emblazoned on it.

Nintendo Switch Pokedex Game Card Case

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If you're a fan of physical Switch games, keeping them secure, and wishing that you had a modern Pokedex, this little piece of merchandise is essential. A high-grade aluminum shell decked out in Pokedex colors makes this carrying case look like it was taken straight from the Pokemon games, and the soft foam padding on the inside has space for up to six Switch game cards.

Nintendo Switch Poke Ball Silicone Thumbstick Grips

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You can express your love for Pokemon and get a grip, thanks to these thumbstick covers. Each one features a Poke Ball design, providing a small but adorable reference to the beloved franchise.

Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro Controller

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Playing the Switch for long periods of time can result in some hand cramps, but Hori's Split Pad Pro is a great solution to any ergonomic problems. Featuring a traditional design and shape that's more in line with modern controllers, this version of the popular peripheral also comes with an electric Pikachu design that's quite stunning.

Controller Gear Nintendo Switch Pikachu Skin

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A little protection goes a long way in keeping your Nintendo Switch in tip-top condition, and this particular set of decals comes with an adorable Pikachu theme to wrap around your console and accessories. There's also a screen protector included for that added layer of Pika-security, and options for the Switch Lite and OLED models.

Tombert Travel Case for Nintendo Switch

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What if a Poke Ball were more rectangular, had an adjustable strap, and could be used to haul your Nintendo Switch around? You'd have this delightful carrying case for travel that features a striking design, durable materials, and able to keep your Nintendo gear organized.

Nintendo Switch Premium Vault Case (Pokemon Legends: Arceus)

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If Pokemon Legends: Arceus is your favorite pocket monster game on the Switch and you want everyone to know about it, this carrying case will spread the news. Featuring the majestic Arceus and space for any Switch model to fit inside of it, you can even throw a few Switch games into the case for when you're ready to head out.

PowerA Clutch Case for Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite

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An elegant option for carrying your Switch around, the PowerA clutch case features a stylish design, two cute Pokemon in the corner, and padded internal storage space to keep your console secure.

Pokemon Carry Case Playset

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Ever wished that you could take the world of Pokemon with you to another location? With this case, you can easily transport a cute diorama of a Pokemon region and even have a battle or two once it's properly set up.

Mega Construx Pokemon Building Box

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Gotta build 'em all! With this particular Mega Construx set, you'll be able to build your very own Pikachu, Caterpie, Zubat, Magikarp, and Cubone for some Pokemon battle, as well as a unique PokeBall for each of them.

Mega Pokemon Building Box Set

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A great purchase to complement the Pokemon building box above, this 450-piece Pokemon-themed building set includes special pieces, unique shapes, and a resealable storage box.

Pokemon Plush Starter Pack

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When times are tough, nothing soothes the soul better than a quick hug from one of your favorite Pokemon. This set includes the original three Starter Pokemon, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu Plush

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Detective Pikachu is on the case once again, this time as a dangerously cute plush toy that can solve crimes and look dapper in a Sherlock Holmes hat.

Pokemon Battle Academy

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From video games to board games, the Pokemon Battle Academy tabletop activity comes with 180 trading cards, special V Pokemon, and deck boxes to keep everything organized. It offers a great way to learn how to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Pokemon Trading Card Game: Brilliant Stars Elite Trainer Box

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You can never go wrong with more Pokemon cards, and this box will add a ton of new options to your Pokemon Trading Card game battle strategies. Great for veterans looking for more cards or for beginners looking to join the game, this set includes everything that you'll need to help you get started in this hobby.

Pokemon Gotta Catch 'Em All T-Shirt

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Show your love for the original generation of Pokemon with this trendy T-Shirt. It's 100% cotton, great for summer, and features a handful of classic Pokemon.

Pikachu Costume Hoodie

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Until genetic engineering catches up, the best way to become your spirit Pokemon is with a themed hoodie. This Pikachu zip-up sweatshirt can help you look the part, thanks to a hood that features the smiling face and alert ears of Pikachu.

Accutime Kids Pokemon smartwatch

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What time is it? Time to get a new watch, and with this timekeeping piece being loaded with extra gadgets, you'll hopefully never be late for another Pokemon meeting again. It's designed for young Pokemon trainers and includes a bunch of kid-friendly applications.

Pokemon Official Ultimate Battle Figure 10-Pack

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You can create your very own Pokemon Safari Zone with this collection of mini-figures, which are colorful, detailed, and won't take up too much space on your shelf.

Bandai Hobby Pokemon Model Kit: Lugia

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There's a cathartic joy to building model kits, and when you've got the company behind Gundam making Pokemon for you to construct, you know that these sets will be high-quality and fun to put together.

Ravensburger Pokemon Labyrinth Board Game

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Another great Pokemon board game to dive into, this set comes with 34 maze tiles, 24 PokeBall tiles , and four Pokemon playing pieces.

3D Illusion Pikachu LED Night Light

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Add some classy illumination to your home with the Pokemon LED night lights that can trick your eyes into seeing a 3D representation of Pikachu. Able to change colors, these night lights are eco- and kid-friendly.

Silver Buffalo Graffiti Pikachu Water Bottle

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Quench your thirst for all things Pokemon--while ensuring your own survival by staying hydrated--with this branded Pikachu bottle that can hold up to 28 ounces of your favorite drink.

Wicked Cool Toys Pokemon Ditto Plush

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It won't be able to transform into another Pokemon, but with a face that serene, you'll want to keep this Ditto plushie within hugging distance.

The Wand Company PokeBall Replica

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For the collector in your life who has a taste for the finer Pokemon things in life, The Wand Company's Poke Ball replica will put a smile on their face. Made out of diecast materials, loaded with interactive features, and packed in a display-ready case, it's so real that you'll want to hurl it like a real Pokemon trainer. Don't do that.

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