Celebrate Valentine's Day With Bungie in Destiny

Bungie will be hosting Doubles Skirmishes in the Crucible through Valentine's Weekend.

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If you haven’t figured out your plans for this Valentine's Day, Bungie will be hosting Doubles Skirmish matches in Destiny. The announcement is laden with all the cheese you'd expect from this kind of promotion, but it's all for a good bit of fun.

Just picture you and that special someone skipping through a live firefight together, laying all challengers to waste. Nothing says “I’ll love you forever,” more than bringing them back to life when they fall to enemy gunfire. You might even spend some quality time together sharing a freshly-popped crate of ammunition.

The couple that slays together stays together.

And, if you’re single, why not let Lord Shaxx be your matchmaker? Meet other singles in your area. Show them the true meaning of love.

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