Celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup by Playing Soccer in World of Tanks

Play soccer with tanks in Wargaming's new special event.


Wargaming is getting in on the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil celebrations by adding a Soccer mode to its popular free-to-play game World of Tanks.

The Soccer mode will have two teams of three players in special T-62A Sport edition tanks competing on a soccer field arranged in the middle of Central Square on the Himmelsdorf map. Players score points for their team by moving a huge ball into the enemy team’s goal, either by moving it directly with their tanks’ hulls, or by shooting it.

All tanks will get 1,000 free high-explosive rounds and are invincible. The goal (pun intended) isn’t to destroy the enemy, but you can interrupt your opponents by ramming into them or shooting them. You can even damage their tracks in order to temporarily immobilize them.

The T-62A Sport tank will be credited to all players once the Soccer mode is released. It can’t be sold and will be removed automatically once the event ends. You can also earn extra experience and other rewards by playing the mode.

Wargaming said it will have full info on the Soccer mode soon.

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