Cel-shaded boxer bound for GBA

Boxing title, Sucker Punch, promises wacky, cel-shaded characters for the Game Boy Advance.


Inferno Games has found a publisher for Wade Hixton's Sucker Punch. The game, originally titled Sadistic Boxing and in development since 2001, has been picked up by Destination Software.

Sucker Punch is expected to appear in retail stores just in time for the 2003 holiday season.

Sucker Punch follows the story of monster truck enthusiast Wade Hixton, whose car has broken down near the town of Big Piney, where everyone happens to box. There's nothing for Wade to do except join in the fisticuffs.

Wade Hixton's Sucker Punch features more than 2000 hand-drawn animation cels and nine different fighter opponents in a nonlinear story mode. A training system allows players to build their characters while also learning to fight fair--or dirty.

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