CDV unveils Project Nomads

The German publisher will publish Radon Labs' aerial strategy game next year. New screenshots inside.


CDV Software has revealed its plans to publish Project Nomads, a new strategy game in development at Radon Labs. In the game, players will take control of a wizard engineer who can build power plants, factories, and defense systems on a series of landmasses that float in the sky. From these structures, players will be able to create a wide variety of aerial units--including zeppelins and biplanes--and ground vehicles. These vehicles can be used to attack other groups of people in order to gain territory and capture ancient artifacts. It will also be possible to take direct control of these units rather than letting the computer do all the work. Since Project Nomads will take place entirely in the sky, it will be possible to build new structures in just about any direction, so players won't have to worry about running out of space too quickly. Changes in weather and the time cycle can directly affect the game by forcing players to change their strategy to accommodate such changes. Project Nomads uses Radon Labs' proprietary graphics engine, The Nebula Device, which is currently available free of charge for other developers to use in their own games.

Project Nomads is currently scheduled for release in mid-2002.

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