CDV unveils 2003 lineup

CDV Software announces its games lineup for 2003.


CDV Software recently announced its lineup of games slated for release this year. The lineup includes Cossacks II, the sequel to the original historical real-time strategy game, as well as Breed, an upcoming PC action game. Breed will be among the first PC games to take advantage of advanced DirectX 9 pixel shaders for improved graphics.

Grom / PC / March 2003
Blitzkrieg / PC / Q2 2003
Heaven and Hell / PC / Q3 2003
No Man's Land / PC / Q3 2003
Breed / PC / Q2 2003
Psychotoxic / PC / Q2 2003
Imperium Galactica III / PC / Q2 2003
The Kore Gang / Xbox / Q3 2003
Vultures / Xbox / Q3 2003
Cossacks II / PC / Q3 2003
Project Nomads / Xbox / Q3 2003

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