CD Projekt Red Is Planning For More Witcher Games After Witcher 4

It's looking very likely we'll get a Witcher 5, and maybe more.


It may not come as too much of a surprise, given that the Witcher 4 was announced as the start of "a new saga," but CD Projekt Red has confirmed that it is indeed "thinking about" more games for the series, Eurogamer reports.

The new information came out in CD Projekt's latest earnings report, when CEO Adam Kiciński was asked about the use of the word "saga" in the early marketing for Witcher 4. "Like the first saga was three games... we are in pre-production of the first game from the second Witcher saga," Kiciński explained, adding that the studio is "thinking about more than one game."

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The Witcher 4 isn't likely to release any time soon, with the latest news on the game suggesting it's only just entering pre-production this year. We still don't have much information on what the game will be about, and whether it will feature returning characters or a new cast. The only hint comes in the form of the first promo image's lynx medallion, suggesting the new saga will feature a whole new school of witchers.

While we won't see a brand-new Witcher game for a while, CD Projekt is still working on the next-gen re-release of The Witcher 3, which is still slated to release at the end of this year. The studio also recently announced Cyberpunk 2077 expansion Phantom Liberty, which will release next year.

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