CCP and White Wolf merge

New combined company working on MMOG based on The World of Darkness; new online and offline science-fiction, horror, and fantasy games also in the works.


Icelandic publisher CCP Games, maker of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game EVE Online, has joined forces with pen-and-paper role-playing game gurus White Wolf. The collaboration will see a version of White Wolf's World of Darkness turned into an MMORPG. In addition, White Wolf will bring EVE Online's game world to more traditional RPG formats, with strategy guides, collectable card games, role-playing systems, and a series of novels.

The official White Wolf T-shirt!*
The official White Wolf T-shirt!*

White Wolf was founded in 1991 in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and describes itself as a "company dedicated to redefining the art of storytelling." It publishes the pen-and-paper RPG The World of Darkness, which is set in a fictional realm populated by vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures, as well as ordinary humans going about their day-to-day lives. The company is also known for the Vampire: The Masquerade role-playing game.

CCP Games, or Crowd Control Productions, was formed in 1997 and is based in Reykjavik, Iceland. The company's main product, EVE Online, recently opened in China, where it landed 200,000 registered users on its first day. The sci-fi game sees players choose from a variety of spaceships to pilot and then undertake missions, trade, fight, research, and explore the persistent online world.

The companies will continue to operate under their original names, with White Wolf becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of CCP. Hilmar Petursson, CEO of CCP, will be the CEO of the combined company.

*NOTE: T-shirt not actually official.

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This could be very cool......

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ayeee, World of Darkness sounds feels good.

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nope... according to white wolf's website, they're looking for 100 programmers, testers, and other positions to make the World of Darkness MMO. the jobs are in Atlanta, Georgia

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is there a game opage for the world of darkness game? i would like to hear more about this, but seeing as it's been 6 months since this news was posted, and nothing else has been said seems like the project is dead, if there is a game page someone PM me a link, thanks for any info

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T-shirt also looks more like a sweater than a t-shirt.

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spelledarn i can make you sure that if they do it in the style of City Of Villains or something like that you will love the new WOD. No matter tho i think that they know what they are doing. And I beleave that they will do the best MMORPG and all you people will shut your big **** holes. You like the PnP games they maded right? You love EVE Online right, how can you say bad things for them. You all dont have faith. :S

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Ol_skool_Gamer i totaly agree with you this MMORPG will rock! :D I aways wanted that kind of thing to go out. I will be more than glad to play that kind of a game. :) Vampire The Masquarade Bloodlines but online? That is THE GAME man that is THE GAME! :D But i aways wanted to play as mage like mage the awakening or werewolf like in werewolf the forsaken. If those 3 factions crush in the streets of World Of Darkness i will freak out that will be verry cool. :)

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I never liked Vampyre or WoD for that matter, prolably cause I think vampyres suck :p but anyway. Eve is an excellent game, and ccp does a very good job on it. I am appaerantly an exception cause I am pretty optimistic about the tabletop version of eve. It allows players to experience the many other aspects of the universe, besides the space fleet experience. I think WW is a decent rpg production company and hopefully they will do a good job on it. eve is allready a fully designed universe with enough artwork and concepts to back it up. And finally there'll be a White wolf product that catches my intrest :) friendly regards.

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For the love of all that is holy, if they make a World of Darkness game and use the Vampire System, for the love of god dont botch it up like D&DO did like going to Eberron when they should have stayed in Faerun (Like Duh!) If they make a World of Darkness MMORPG and include Vampire as part of the equation you make it using Requiem... cause Masquarade will just cause so many issues, not to meantion Requiem is more enriched with freedoms and story plots, than your standard typical Masquarade game... Dont violate the masquarade, dont do this, you cant do that... I tell ya if MMO's & RPG's will never be one together without Freedom... Freedom to do what you want as well as suffer the consiquences of your actions afterwards... how can we suffer the consequences if were dead or in Torpor (By Masquarade Rules) ... makes no sense... just like Why D&DO fans cant go to Waterdeep and few that magnificent city... what WotC can make up a great story in books, but they cant sit in front of a screen for a couple of weeks and give us the layout of what Waterdeep would really look like in their imaginations... thats telling us a lot... Sorry Im a little fizzy on this subject, all my RPG's I played as a kid and still getting their raps destroyed by becoming MMORPG's... whats the next I lose my players because Guardians decides to make a BESM (MMORPG)... please god let that not be a botch up or Worlds of Darkness, or... Necromancer Games, or ... and this is the last god... or D20 Modern/Future/Apocalypse/Fallout.

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squall, I can do nothing else than agree with you on that. VTM:BL was a very good game. With CCP's ability to let the players shape the world and give them freedom to do what they want, and White Wolf supplying a solid base... I would be surprised if a game like that turned out no less than excellent.

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I'm hype up about this one. One of my favorite games is Vampire: Bloodlines and being a world of warcraft player, I've wished that they would create a MMORPG based on vampires and supernatural stuff. Now its a reality and a bonus that white wolf themselves will help create this online game. Good stuff. looking forward to it.

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Cool T-shirt. And, no, I don't care about the MMO.

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"I guess this is the beginning of age old pen and paper RPGs finally coming to the MMO market. I guess it was inevitable... what next? Dragonlance? Shadowrun? Rifts? " Man, I would love a Shadowrun or Rifts game... IF they could do it right, of course. " I guess the question will be whether they can raise the money to make it happen, given that neither company is probably ridiculously profitable. " Not so sure about CCP, but WW does fairly well...I believe they could pull this off, and it will hopefully do well.

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WoD PvP sounds intriguing. WoD has built in clan rivalries (much like Warhammer's racial stuff). The power sets should transfer nicely and there is plenty of back story fodder to keep the missions fresh. I'm definitely keeping my EYE on this one.

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It's really good to see CCP being able to branch off into other MMO's due to their success with EVE. I'm real eager to see what they can accomplish with other styles of MMOs, as EVE doesn't exactly appeal to everyone.

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LOL, that might be the lamest shirt I've ever seen.

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Yay to bad-a$$ Wolf shirts

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I really dont care much about EVE getting a pen and paper counterpart, but I heard something about miniatures in the live Fanfest 06 feed from EVE-TV. I would love to see a few miniature ships. Ive been playing EVE for exactly a year and a day now, its kickass.

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I guess this is the beginning of age old pen and paper RPGs finally coming to the MMO market. I guess it was inevitable... what next? Dragonlance? Shadowrun? Rifts?

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There's already an EVE CCG. @ xaos and Godsbusy: Where exactly did they say they invented anything? GS just quoted some marketing copy, which is relatively tame compared to some. They tried "We make games that are OK, some people might like them, but probably not," but the pity sales weren't that impressive. It seems a bit odd from a merger standpoint, given that the two companies' businesses don't really overlap that much (despite their desire to expand both sets of IP into the other medium), and that the parent company is based in Iceland. From the standpoint of a WoD MMO, I think CCP is probably a better partner than some, given that their only game is very different from anything on the market, and they've proven they're in it for the long haul. Plus CCP's style is pretty goth to begin with. =) I guess the question will be whether they can raise the money to make it happen, given that neither company is probably ridiculously profitable.

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wait...did they say collectible cards...

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This has disaster written all over it....

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thats bussiness

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I love EVE like a darling. One of the greatest MMOs ever made (except for Earth and Beyond, but EA cancelled that).

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@ xaos I was just about to post the same thing! Awfully presumptuous of them, don't you think?

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good luck on that!

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Dark World Online would've > whatever crap they come up with. :evil:

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Dear White Wolf, just for the record, you did not invent (or reinvent) storytelling, LARPS, goths, vampires, werewolves or fairies. Insufferable gits :(

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It's gonna be tough turning the World of Darkness games into a mmorpg successfully. I mean, a World of Darkcraft would suck. That's no attack on WoW, just saying they're completely different types of games. "Kill 10 vampires", "kill 12 vampires", "kill ten ghouls for a special drop", "craft a machine-gun", "gather 20 werewolf pelts", "rekill the vampire prince of the city every time he respawns for better drops". That doesn't sound fun, and it doesn't sound like the WoD. That game doesn't even have levels. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed they can pull the game off, though. ^_^

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Eve Online is said to be a need to see to be believed game.yet i havent seen the game in action yet but have heard about it ... A LOT!!

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I heard about EVE online. Some kid in my Astronomy class talked about it. The graphics for that are AWESOME. It's quite impressive. Any PC fan needs to know about this game.

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better not screw it up, im gonna be up in arms about if it does.

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And to think, I like EVE. I wonder how they're gonna screw it up in a Pen& Paper sense now.