Cave Story 3D Preview First Look

The indie hit that was five years in the making finds its way to the Nintendo 3DS.


Cave Story

No Caption ProvidedDesigned, programmed, composed, and drawn by Daisuke Amaya (aka Pixel), Cave Story has developed quite a cult following since its initial release on the PC nearly seven years ago. The game was released on WiiWare and DSiWare last year and is now making it to the Nintendo 3DS with the help of developer Nicalis and NIS America. NIS revealed the partnership at an event this evening and showcased what the game would look like in stereoscopic 3D.

In terms of gameplay and story, Cave Story 3D will have the same content as its 2D predecessor and will once again follow the amnesiac Quote as he explores the creepy cave that he finds himself in. The build that NIS had running at this point wasn't fully functional in 3D, but we did get a chance to see how the environments would look without the fancy effect. The game's art and levels have been designed to give you a feeling of depth and a 2.5D platforming feel. It's still a side-scroller, but at times you will feel the slight curve as you head into a door or move from one level to another. The goal is to keep Cave Story the way it is but give it a visual boost. It will be available on the 3DS as a cartridge sometime this summer.

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