Catherine to Flirt With Aussie Gamers

QVS picks up (distribution rights to) Catherine.


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Quirky Japanese games have a hit-and-miss relationship with the Aussie market, and, more often than not, local fans have to turn to overseas sellers to get hold of them. Thankfully, that won't necessarily be the case for Catherine, as local software distributor QVS Entertainment has announced that it will be distributing the game in Australia.

QVS has only recently signed on to distribute Catherine, so at this stage it's unable to announce an official release date for the game in Australia. Unfortunately, you'll have to hold tight for that one, but at least it'll see an official Aussie release.

Catherine is a critically acclaimed game from the studio behind the Persona franchise, and it's quite unorthodox. Players step into the shoes of Vincent, a man who is scared of committing to his long-term girlfriend and finds himself in a rut when he wakes up next to another woman. The game deals with adult themes and alternates between platform puzzling and adventure-game-style sequences, so it might not be for everyone.

For more information on Catherine, check out the gamespace.

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