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Catherine: Full Body Launch Edition (PS4) On Sale At Amazon, Includes Metal Case

The PS4 remaster released this week.


Catherine: Full Body released on September 3, and you can already find the remastered PS4 game at a slight discount at Amazon. Originally listed at $60, the launch edition of Catherine: Full Body is on sale for $53, and that includes free one-day Prime shipping. Notably, the launch edition comes with a gorgeous metal case, which you can check out below, but it's in limited supply, so hop on this deal fast before it sells out.

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Catherine: Full Body Launch Edition -- $53 ($60)

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Catherine: Full Body is an enhanced port of the acclaimed 2011 game Catherine, which originally released on PS3 and Xbox 360, and was developed by Atlus, the team behind Persona. The story revolves around a man named Vincent and his affair with a woman named Catherine, despite the fact that he also has a longtime girlfriend, Katherine. The gameplay is a mix of platforming, puzzle-solving, and social segments where Vincent interacts with various characters at the Stray Sheep bar. The PS4 port introduces a third love interest, Rin, and multiple endings are possible.

The remaster received an 8/10 in our Catherine: Full Body review, in which GameSpot's Edmond Tran praised the game's compelling story, challenging yet satisfying puzzle-solving, stylish art style, and more, although he felt the addition of Rin dismantled the game's sense of mystery and disrupted pacing.

"Eight years later, Catherine: Full Body is a remaster that demonstrates how well the game's distinctive premise and exploration of adult themes still hold up, even if its new additions to the plot don't fit in seamlessly," he wrote. "But Rin's presence still brings an intriguing new edge to Vincent's crisis, and Full Body still tells a fascinating, personal tale. The nightmarish block puzzles are still weirdly intense and satisfying to surmount, and the Stray Sheep is still a wonderful bar to spend your nights in."

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