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Catching Up With The Bouncer

The first real story and gameplay details emerge on SquareSoft's The Bouncer.


GameSpot has received new information on SquareSoft's elusive PlayStation 2 game The Bouncer. It is composed of story scenes and battle scenes, both of which can be controlled by the players. There are four main characters in the game. The guy wearing the red jacket and hood in our latest screenshots is Shion Balzard. Kou Reifour is the male character with long hair and tattoos. The blond guy is Volt Crougar, and the girl is named Dominique Cross.

The three male characters work as bouncers at a bar called The Fate. The story begins when they first meet Dominique after she shows up at the bar. She is subsequently kidnapped by a gang called Mikado, and the three guys have to rescue her from this violent gang.

The unique characters in the game were designed by Tetsuya Nomura, famed character designer for games in the Final Fantasy series, Parasite Eve, and Brave Fencer Musashi. The Bouncer will be simultaneously released in the US and Japan later this year. The game will be in DVD format, and players will have a choice of either Japanese or English for the game's voice-overs and subtitles.

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