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Catch Up On Comics And Manga With Comixology's 60-Day Free Trial

Now's the right time to check out Comixology Unlimited for free for 60 days, which unlocks a massive library of digital comics, graphic novels, and manga.


While we continue to practice social distancing during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, digital media is becoming even more crucial for entertainment, from streaming services to downloadable games to Ebooks. It's a good time to remind you that Amazon's Comixology Unlimited program has a free trial, which has been lengthened from the normal 30 days to 60 days. Comixology Unlimited grants comic fans access to more than 25,000 comics, manga, and graphic novels.

Comics snagged from Comixology can be read on PC, smartphones (iOS and Android), and tablets. You can download your library to read offline, too. Unlimited subscriptions don't include every book available on Comixology, but you are getting a substantial amount of reading material--far more than you could read during the free trial period. After the trial ends, Comixology costs $6 per month, which is a pretty great deal considering the amount of content you get. Unlimited members also get 10 to 15% discounts on every Marvel Comics, Image Comics, and IDW Publishing book, including brand-new releases.

Comixology's Unlimited subscription features comics from Marvel and DC like The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain Marvel as well as Batman and Wonder Woman, respectively. You can also read extremely popular series like Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead and Neil Gaiman's Sandman. And for those who recently watched Netflix's Locke and Key adaptation, the first five volumes of Joe Hill's masterful horror series are on the service as well.

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