Catch Pokemon on your phone using Google Maps

This may be part of a larger April Fool's prank from Google, but you can still start the process of catching them all right now on your iOS or Android device.


Given the timing, you might dismiss this as an elaborate April Fool's joke from Google, but you can catch Pokemon on your smartphone using the Google Maps app right now.

Though the action-packed trailer above spins it as much, much more exciting than it actually is, an update made to Google Maps on iPhone and Android today lets you search out Pokemon and add them to your Pokedex by searching for them on Google Maps. To start, all you have to do is click on the search bar, then hit "Press Start" right below it.

You have an unlimited supply of Pokeballs, and the Pokmemon don't fight back, so it's not much of a game. But Google is pitching this as a race to "catch 'em all," and the winner will be invited to Google's headquarters and "hired" on as the staff Pokemon Master.

That last part (and the April 2, 2PM PDT deadline), is probably not true and is part of a larger April Fool's joke that we'll hear more details about tomorrow. But given that Google's put so much time into making an app and mobile Pokedex, it would still be pretty nice if the winner at least got the fancy Pokemon Master business card shown at the end of the video.

So, anyone out there find a Mew yet?

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