Catalyst Black Is A New "Battleground Shooter" From The Devs Behind Vainglory

A colorful new shooter is on the way from Super Evil Megacorp.


After taking on the MOBA scene with Vainglory in 2014, Super Evil Megacorp is trying its hand at the team-based shooter with Catalyst Black on May 25.

Catalyst Black is a "battleground shooter" where players can customize their characters as they see fit. The game will offer over 30 different weapons, more than a dozen abilities, and multiple trinkets that players can use to create their perfect soldier.

A key mechanic in the game's combat system is the Primal, a powerful supernatural being whose distinct powers players can use in battle. Six Primals will be available at launch, and players can customize which Primal they prefer as part of their characters' kit.

The game will feature multiple different game modes, from traditional shooter formats like 5v5 Slayer to new unique modes like Hydra, where victory can be achieved by harvesting shards, destroying the enemy team's Overseer, or killing every opposing team member three times.

The largest mode in the game is Eventide, a 24-player mode where teams try to control a massive fortress while battling for resources and dealing with environmental dangers along the way.

Catalyst Black will be available May 25 on both iOS and Android devices, and pre-registrations are available now on the game's official website.

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