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Cat Quest 3 Getting A Physical Release, Includes A World Map And Collectible Stickers

The next title in the Cat Quest series is headed to PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC on August 8.


Get yourself another big dose of cat-themed puns with Cat Quest III, the third game in the 2.5D open-world action RPG series. Announced during April's Nintendo Indie World Showcase, the third game in the award-winning series is set to release on August 8 (which just happens to be international cat day) for PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Preorders for the physical version of Cat Quest III for PS5 and Switch are currently live on Amazon for $30, and buying an early copy snags you some fun bonus items.

Cat Quest III preorder bonuses

All Cat Quest III physical preorders include a navigation map of the game's world and a sticker sheet featuring various characters from the game. These preorder bonuses are bundled with the PS5 and Nintendo Switch versions, but only boxed copies. There are currently no digital preorder bonuses.

Cat Quest III eschews the swords and fantasy trappings of the first two Cat Quest games to take to the high seas instead, as you sail the Purribean and battle pi-rats as a swashbuckling purrvateer. You'll also have access to a ship of your own to facilitate your exploration and search for treasure. Check out our Cat Quest III coverage for more information about the game, or head over to the Nintendo eShop and download the free demo to try the game out yourself.

Cat Quest III launches for PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch on August 8.

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