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Castlevania Season 3--Here's When The New Season Hits Netflix

But enough talk. Have at you!


Season 3 of Castlevania is right around the corner, as it's coming back to Netflix in less than a month. While we don't know exactly what's happening in the latest installment of the series, we know that it's coming to the streaming service on March 5, and that there will be plenty of anime vampire action to sink your fangs into.

While Season 2 was a bit of a game-changer, with the supposed death of Dracula--can you ever really kill Dracula though?--a Netflix Twitter account tweeted out the release date along with a new poster for the upcoming season. Check it out below.

Back in April 2019, the Netflix series was renewed for a third season, just days after the release of Season 2. This new season will feature plenty of new characters, some familiar and some not. Carmilla will return, and she'll continue to rise to power in the wake of Dracula's death. Also returning is Trevor Belmont--the show's protagonist.

The official synopsis for Season 3 reads, "Trevor Belmont, last survivor of his house, is no longer alone, and he and his misfit comrades race to find a way to save humanity from extinction at the hands of the grief-maddened Dracula and his sinister vampire war council."

Season 3 will consist of 10 episodes, and it will feature many of the creators behind Season 2. Director Sam Deats, writer/executive producer Warren Ellis, and executive producers Adi Shankar, Fred Seibert, and Kevin Kolde will return.

Castlevania Season 3 arrives to Netflix on March 5. It's one of a variety of big upcoming premieres, with a more immediate one being that of Locke and Key, which is out now.

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