Castlevania Season 2 Is Happening On Netflix And Here's When To Expect It

Netflix renewed Castlevania in July, but there's been no word since then.


When Netflix released the first season of its Castlevania anime, which is an adaptation of the video game series, fans flocked to it. The series, which landed on GameSpot's best adaptations of 2017 list, along with the best Netflix exclusive of 2017, released four episodes in July and left viewers wanting more.

Somewhere along the way, the news that the show had already been renewed was lost somewhere in the shuffle. Netflix renewed the series the day it was released and even ordered more episodes--Season 2 will have eight installments.

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Since then, though, there's been little word about the status of Castlevania's future. Until now, that is. Warren Ellis, the screenwriter behind the series, cleared up any confusion about the show on Twitter, after being asked by multiple people if the series has been canceled.

"We're coming back this summer," he says, "for eight episodes." There's no word from the streaming service as to when in the summer the series will return. Given the July release of Season 1, though, it's a safe bet the new episodes will bow around that same window of time.

Until that happens, sit down and enjoy Castlevania once again--or for the first time, if you missed it upon release. After all, it's not every day the world gets a legitimately great adaptation of a video game. Hopefully, Season 2 continues that trend.

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