Castlevania Producer Working with Lords of Shadow Developer on New Game [UPDATE]

The game will be revealed in April.


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[UPDATE] Dave Cox replied to our request for comment and confirms he has left the UK-based mobile studio, Fish in a Bottle, to work at Mercury Steam as a producer/consultant. The original story follows:

Castlevania producer Dave Cox has announced that he will be working with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow developer Mercury Steam on its new game. The game is yet to be revealed, but you won't have to wait much longer--its announcement comes next month.

The announcement came via Cox's Twitter account. Mercury Steam also sent a press release, in which studio head and owner Enric Alvarez said Cox's "passion and enthusiasm coupled with years of experience" will help them as the developer takes on its "most ambitious undertaking as an independent studio"

Cox worked with Mercury Steam on the Lords of Shadow games and said he jumped at the chance to work with the studio again.

"I'm extremely excited about this very ambitious work they're undertaking. Mercury Steam continue to push boundaries and their sheer creative spirit always astounds me," he said. "It's great to be back with my old team mates!"

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We've contacted Cox and have asked if this means he's left mobile studio Fish in a Bottle to work at Mercury Steam. We've also asked what his involvement with the unannounced game is. We will update this story as we receive more information.

Mercury Steam has also updated its website with an animated picture of a man in a cockpit (pictured above). If you click on the screen that says "Mission status" you'll reveal a countdown timer to the game's reveal and a message that says "Mother will update when close to destination." This makes it sound like the site will be updated as the developer decides to tease more information about its game.

The developer tweeted a picture today that asked fans if they had "any ideas what kind of game [the picture] might be from." You can see that image below.

The company has teased its future game recently, saying "a new future begins to dawn." Cox claimed the game is unrelated to Castlevania and will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Unless it's another Castlevania game, I really could not care any less.

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@skyhighgam3rY: Yeah but their Castlevaina games were abysmally bad God of War clones.

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@DesertEaglex24: It was so much better than God of War though. The combat being based off it sucked though. I would have been much happier if we could have swapped the whip for a sword and other weapons like some of the other games.

Bad combat from bad game GOW aside though, Lords of Shadows was absolutely fantastic.

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Glad to hear this. Lords of Shadow is gorgeous and solid action adventures seem less and less common IMO, open market.

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I never played any of the Castlevania games, does anyone have a recommendation of a good one to start with? (don't be a dick, real answers please.)

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@dramaticlookguy: It depends on what kind of game you are looking for as the franchise has been around forever.

If you are looking for old school, 2d platforming, try Castlevania 3, Super Castlevania 4, or Castlevania Rondo of Blood.

If you like 2d action rpgs, Castlevania Symphony of the Night pretty much defined the genre.

For full 3d action game, pretty much the only real contender in the series is the first Lords of Shadow game.

Keep in mind that Castlevania X Chronicles has both Symphony of the Night and Rhondo of Blood (the latter is represented by both the original and a remake).

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@iamtfc: That is a beautiful comprehensive list, thank you!

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Symphony of the Night is the go to recommendation for 2D RPG style entries, and possibly the greatest in the series. But I would say Aria of Sorrow is easily just as good. You can absorb the souls and attacks of various monsters which results in some fun gameplay.

Lords of Shadow 1 is by far the best 3D entry. Most people will tell you to avoid Castlevania 64 (And it's sequel) at all costs, but they are what got me into the series in the first place. They are more slower paced by far.

If you are going old-school. Super Castlevania 4 is the easiest to get a hold of and play. Rondo of Blood is the best, but it has a lot of BAD ports to the SNES and other systems. The only way to experience Rondo of Blood is either on the PSP (It's in some compilation, I can't recall the name) Or the original PC-Engine CD version. Which you can find a translated version online. But that's more difficult to get running...

EDIT: Castlevania X Chronicles, is the PSP one, as mentioned above. Helps if I pay attention to what I'm reading.

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@skyhighgam3r: Just got my hands on a copy of Symphony of the Night, it's amazing! Thank you, i really appreciate it :)

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@dramaticlookguy: Yeah no problem. Speaking of I learned there is a translated Japanese version that has more blood if that's your thing.

I swapped mine out for it. lol

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Wasn't Enric Alvarez described as a terrible boss? I remember reading interviews with ex-employees saying he didn't give two sh*ts about how his ''ideas'' of stealth in LoS2 were perceived by the team, who constantly tried to balance his insane visions. Apparently you couldn't even say ''hi'' to him in hallways, as he was so full of himself. This guy is the reason why LoS2 turned out to be mediocre at beast.

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@Fandango_Letho: Yes, multiple studio employees came forward with such statements. I believe there were anonymous current employee (at the time) reports too. He was the reason why those out of place stealth sections stayed in and he didn't listen to feedback about improving the rest.

IMO, the game was good otherwise, beautiful artwork and excellent gameplay but not the modern city. Dracula also was disproportionate at many times.

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@immortaltech6: Agreed. I LOVED the first LoS. The second one was more polished(naturally) but the modern city setting just felt weird.

Would have been fine if it were maybe 10% of the game as a what if scenario. Also the ending was lackluster compared to the original.

I would expect the series to go back to it's more metroidvania style though I would really like to continue as Dracula in the LoS timeline, or even Alucard. As long as it's not the anime style of SotN, I'm cool with it.

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@Fandango_Letho: those guys are just up the road from me in Northern Madrid I believe, Dave Cox worked for Konami many years, it would be interesting to know why he left Konami given the bad publicity that they've been getting of late with stories of terrible staff treatment there. As for Mercury Steam I am surprised that a mid sized / small studio in Spain was having problems with management being a bit arrogant, mean etc. that's not the typical way to treat people in Spain (although you get funny people at work everywhere I guess); it just doesn't ring true that he was a meanie to staff. Maybe he was a moody guy and who wouldn't be with Konami breathing down your neck for a Castlevania release !

There's an interview with Alvarez here in Spanish, I guess he's a guy that faces the pressures of life (video game production) more than most ...

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first pic look like contra to me

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@moh7880: Wouldn't be mad if it was a contra game. But would prefer a new IP.

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@moh7880: It's been rumored it might be in the Contra universe. Can't say i wouldn't be excited to see a new take on it.

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I loved Lords of Shadow the first one, it was a beautifully crafted game. Gothic, haunting, just the type of game for me.

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I personally think that Lord of Shadows 1+2 deserve a remake for X1/PS4.

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@sladakrobot: I can agree with the first one being remade.

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@rolento25: @sladakrobot: True, the first one should Definitely come to PS4 and Xbone, it still looked brilliant on PC after all those years.

And these kind of games really benefit from a higher FPS.

But it's all up to Konami, which in other words means: it won't happen.