Castlevania Netflix Series Will Have A Season 2

Netflix has already ordered another season of its Castlevania series.

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The first season of Netflix's animated series based on Castlevania launches today, and hot on its heels comes the announcement that a second season has been ordered. The second season will have a total of eight episodes, which is double the amount of episodes in the first season.

The continuation will once again be produced by Frederator Studios, which is a subsidiary of Wow! Unlimited Media. While legendary comic book writer Warren Ellis wrote the first season, as of yet it is unclear if he will return for the second. Ellis also serves as executive producer, alongside Adi Shankar, Kevin Kolde, and Fred Seibert.

The episodes available now on Netflix were previously billed as part one of season one, suggesting a second part would follow. However, it may be that the second part is now being treated as a new season.

Shankar is also now working on an animated series based on Assassin's Creed. In March this year, Assassin's Creed head of content Aymar Azaizia confirmed that an Assassin's Creed TV series was happening. Prior to this, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said the company was in talks with Netflix for a series, but he did not say which Ubisoft property might be spun into a show. It's possible Assassin's Creed was the franchise in question.

Aymar has also confirmed that Ubisoft is involved with the project. He also shared some little details and noted that Shanker's work on the Castlevania series "is a good reference" for what Ubisoft is aiming for. He later added that it was the "tone, dialogue, intended audience, and voice acting" in particular that will be reflected int he Assassin's Creed series.

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Avatar image for lionheartssj1

I don't know if it was a season so much as a mini series. Honestly, I kind of regret watching it because now I have to wait for who knows how long to get more than a 90min prologue.

Avatar image for chriss_m

I really enjoyed it, even if the animation did suck. Then again, even anime animation is boring these days. All of this computerised stuff just doesn't have the impact of hand drawn.

Avatar image for snugglebear

They really shouldn't have even called those four episodes a "season." I watched more damn advertising for that show than there were actual minutes of show.

Avatar image for stalin_ksa

I think the Lords of Shadows story is more suitable for a series as the story is less of a good vs. evil cliche, and more of an epic adventure

Avatar image for Lightposte

@stalin_ksa: The reboot wasn't about good vs. evil?
Nah. Castlevania was always about vanquishing evil supernatural forces. Take that out, then the classic video game series' vibe that this TV show managed to capture will disappear.

Also, the changes they made in the reboot's lore, especially with some of the characters and their relationships to each other, really felt like a lame excuse just to give the story a "twist". Dracula a Belmont? And Trevor becoming Alucard?
I'd rather have straightforward story-telling than something that tries too hard to be epic.

Avatar image for Lightposte

@gtrslinger: Sephiroth as Alucard? Haven't you seen Ayami Kojima's artworks for him?
Also, are you saying that it's impossible for a human being to get so bitter over something, they'd start spending each day drunk?

Can you tell us of a better way they could've added meat to Castlevania III's rather bare story on the NES?

Should they hire the people behind the American Resident Evil or Assassin's Creed films instead?

Avatar image for restatbonfire

@gtrslinger: then don't watch it? Lol. Your rant is pointless.

Avatar image for restatbonfire

Show has great potential

Avatar image for dreadborne

It's only 4 epsiodes, that's just a tease like the 7 deadly sins s2.

Avatar image for JackNief

All right, let's see if we can get Grant up in here now. We got the other three, he's all that's missing from the hero lineup.

Avatar image for Byshop

I like the emphasis on quality over quantity but I could have done with more than 4 x 30 minute eps.

Avatar image for ExoticCharm

Seems kind of pointless to call them seasons when they are only a few episodes.

Avatar image for Barighm

With only 4 episodes for its debut season, they had better.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@Barighm: I agree with you Onion Barigh (Bhaji). But the few episodes they did release were perfection.

Avatar image for Barighm

@gamingdevil800: Are you kidding me? The classic art style was highly subdued and Trevor talked like your average modern schmuck. And the setup was entirely generic: standard reluctant hero Trevor gets dragged into a war he doesn't care for yadda yadda yadda. Granted, I don't know the franchise's lore but it has to be better than this.

It was okay but perfection? No way.

And it's Scottish, actually.

Avatar image for Lightposte

@Barighm: So I guess that means you try things that most people don't do and strive to be different in this world of cliches?

Do you complain about diners server the same type of burger and how people still love eating it when they could try eating a [insert unique type of meat] burger instead for a change?

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@Barighm: A lot of people will disagree with you the voice acting was superb and this is basically an intro to the story. The dude literally stood there like "meh" when a baby was getting carried away in a demons mouth outside the city. His reasons for that caring are stated he was outcast by the church. He probably would of let the city fall if wasn't for the goody goody guys in purple he obviously didn't want them to die like retards due to the connection to his family. I believe up to now the belmonts hadn't begun killing Dracula every century.

In the game trevor belmont decided to hunt down Dracula cause he killed Leon belmont's betrothed and cause the pope begs the belmont family for help as a last resort. Not sure if this will appear in the anime or not.

Avatar image for Lightposte

@gamingdevil800: Huh, isn't Leon Belmont Trevor's ancestor?

Lament of Innocence is set in 1094 while Dracula's Curse is set in 1476.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800


Read events of castlevania 3 on this page. May of happened a long time ago but that seems to be one of Trevors reasons and yes he is Leons ancestor.