Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Dev Teases New Game Reveal for Tomorrow

"Tomorrow, a new future begins to dawn."


It looks like Spanish developer Mercury Steam, which developed Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and its sequel, is gearing up to announce, or at least start to talk about, its next project very soon. Today on Twitter, the studio reminisced about its previous games, including Jericho and Severance: Blade of Darkness, leading up to a tweet that referenced an announcement about a "future" game.

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"Thanks for following our history. Tomorrow a new future begins to dawn #mercurystory #countdown" the developer said.

Back in January 2014, Konami producer Dave Cox--who oversaw the Castlevania series before leaving the company later that year--said Mercury Steam's new game is unrelated to Castlevania. He also claimed it would be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, but not Wii U.

It remains to be seen if the game Mercury Steam may announce tomorrow is this title or something else entirely. At the time, Cox explained that the studio had a couple of "really cool ideas" for what it may make next, one of which might be related to the Contra series.

Last week, Mercury Steam shared the image you see below, which features art that may or may not be from the developer's upcoming game.

We will report back with more details tomorrow as they're announced. What are you hoping to see from Mercury Steam? Let us know in the comments below!

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Looking forward to their announcement! Lords of Shadow 1 was one of my favorite games of last generation.

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I don't give two sh*ts about what people have to say but personally for me Lords Of Shadow 1 will forever have a very special place in my heart.It was mindblowingly brilliant in everything it had to offer imo. The story was excellently written,the stupendous and meticulous level of detail,the diversity of the environments and the gorgeous vistas left me in total awe.Its absolutely insane how brilliant the games visual were for what is a 6 year old game and I would even say it STILL looks better than most of the next games I have seen so far. The music felt like it came from a AAA movie and was mesmerizing and moving and helped in greatly enhancing the game's already incredible atmosphere.

Its absolutely shocking how insultingly underrated that game was. LOS1 is something which I would call as a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it was an unforgettable journey. Its sad how badly nostalgia glasses clouded so many people's judgement of the game.

LOS2 was certainly a disappointment compared to its predecessor. It felt extremely confused in its direction,a lot of bad design choices and the game certainly had to suffer because of a deeply troubled development cycle but at the end it was still a very good game...just nowhere near on par with the high quality of LOS1. I just hope this game has the same high quality of LOS1.

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Edit: Sigh. Wrote a paragraph and when I hit Submit it was all blank. Well said post man. It's a classic in my eyes and Mercury Steam is the most underrated studio in the world IMO with what they showed their potential to be with LoS1. I just recently replayed it. I still enjoyed LoS2 (have 100% in both) but the modern city portions were too long and the stealth would've worked if they weren't so picky yet easy and slow at the same time. They disrupted the pacing in an extremely bad way.

Some of those castle vistas and art design were insanely creative and awe-inspiring but the modern city again was comparatively dull and too industrial, and I felt the dual timeline disrupted that epic journey pacing and immersion like in the 1st. Here's hoping they made the correct internal studio changes for those mistakes to not happen again.

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Yeah ruin another great franchise -_-

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@spaced92: umm..they didnt. Actually i liked LoS and LoS2 but even if people say its bad.. it didnt ruin anything. You still have a lot of the old games that came out and the Mirror of Fate that looks like the old ones.

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@spaced92: I mean idk, I don't see how they really 'ruined' Castlevania. There are still many great Castlevania games.

It's kind of like when Michael Bay comes along and screws up Transformers and Ninja Turtles. I hate the new image that guy gives to everything whenever he tries to make a movie based off of a thing. It doesn't completely ruin everything I like about those series', and even still from time to time some cool new thing comes down the pipeline featuring one of those IPs.

So anyway my point is, Mercury Steam is like Michael Bay.

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@Ovirew: That's a really good analogy. Yeah, I think part of the problem is that Castlevania in general has a very special place in my heart, and when I played LoS, I just felt like they made it some generic yet high quality 3rd person action game and it wasn't a Castlevania game anymore. It had been "Michael Bay-ized".

Honestly, it's kind of the same reason I personally don't like the new James Bond movies. They're decent movies on their own, but they just aren't James Bond. That manic depressive, emotionless, "prone to getting the crap beat out of him" guy is NOT James Bond in my opinion. To each their own I guess.

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@dillydadally: Well, no Bond will ever be quite like Connery again. Personally I enjoy Craig as Bond, because he is so much more human and dark as the character. And his movies are devoid of the cheesy 90's camp that some of the Brosnan films had.

I think just about every actor who steps into the role puts their own spin on it. I wonder who will play 007 after Craig?

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@Ovirew: You know, to be honest, I like Craig as Bond - I think he does a great job. I just don't like the new character they've written him as - manic depressant, lacking a bit in the suave department, always getting beat up, etc. I think if they stuck more to the Bond character Daniel Craig could be one of the best. He fits the profile and can certainly play the character.

Yeah, I'm interested in who the new Bond will be and if they'll go back to their roots a little. I think they can do a more traditional Bond but cut some of the camp. Brosnan fashioning a snowboard and a parachute to survive an avalanche was just too much.

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Bloodborne is the only good 3d Castlevania game ever made. Hopefully they go back to their roots and make a spiritual successor to their best game, Severance.

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After that total disaster that was Lords of Shadow I won't be buying their game EVER! I will be getting a PS4 in a few days but MercurySteam in my view totally screwed up Castlevania turning it into a God of Bore clone and ruined a perfectly good series that was fine as it was. So thanks but no thanks, MercurySUCK!

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@returnofsoma42: Mercury Steam didn't do that to Castlevania, it was already done by the same guy who made Symphony of the Night. The PS2 Castlevanias were ripping off Devil May Cry before GOW existed, and Mercury Steam was most likely demanded by Konami to make amother DMC clone.

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@returnofsoma42: So.. creating a game that takes the great lore from Castlevania and adapting it into new trends like really good graphics, 3d enviroment, lots of combos a story mode etc and not making it a 2d side scrolling game (although cv had some 3d games on the ps2) is bad? ;>

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@czlapaj2: Even keeping an open mind Lords didn't adapt to 'new trends' even when it was released. The God of War and Devil May Cry franchises had been around for 10 years, and was actually descending into a downward slope. To me past CastleVania was already evolving as a 2D side-scroller and being well received. If you played SotN to OoE this was going well, the main reason for change was because whoever took over Konami disliked what the company currently had going for itself. That's why we got no Contra, Suikoden, Silent Hill went to ****, and the recent MGS drama. .

With that said, Lords 1 was a good 3D slasher, it was. It just wasn't a good CastleVania, because it wasn't really a CastleVania game.

This is why BloodStained is one of the biggest KickStarters in recent memory, and I'm even a proud backer of the game. Would I like more Lords of Shadow? Probably, but that's only because we can't get enough decent 3D slashers in an age that has them in limited supply. I wish the best for this talented developer but hope they don't GoW any more well established franchises.

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@RSM-HQ: Just a quick question: Why do you type out Castlevania with a capital V? It's never shown that way. Sorry, just a minor gripe. haha. Also, Silent Hill went to shit after Silent Hill 4 (Team Silent made the foundation and the series went down with other developers by screwing up the lore and atmosphere).

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@KenshinXSlayer: English is not my first language, so sometimes I make minor incorrections. Thanks for pointing that out however I will start addressing it without a capital "V".

You are right about Silent Hill at anycase, the new developer seemed more content in following HollyWoods take on Silent Hill and not the original source material.

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Cool. I enjoyed both LoS games and Jericho.

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Hmm the first Lords was considered a good God of War clone, but as a CastleVania lacked a lot what the series established with SotN and its handheld sequels.

Hope they're making a fresh IP so they won't have to feel the pressure of a well-known legacy. I don't mind if it's again like GoW. Because frankly we don't get enough quality 3D slashers anymore. Last one was Bayonetta 2 (2014), though I'm hoping TMNT is at least pretty good.

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@RSM-HQ: I'm hoping for hellblade on that matter. isn't it supposed to come out this year? It's made by ninja theory (heavenly sword, dmc).

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@RaveNRolla: I forgot all about that game to be honest. Hope it's good.

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@RSM-HQ: they just released a new teaser with some very impressive facial mo-cap and voice acting. i'll definitely keep an eye out for it.

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Didn't particularly like Lords of Shadow but I enjoyed the hell out of Clive Barker's Jericho and Blade of Darkness.
Looking forward to the announcement.

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Cool, I really liked LOS 1 and the 3DS game was underrated. LOS 1 had terrific visuals. Excited to see what they announce.

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Isn't that the angry dude? I forgot the name of the game, he was supposedly an angry God or something. You fight another god the size of a planet and have to beat his finger. No not God of War.

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@RogerioFM: Azura's Wrath. And yup, if thats not him, its definitely ripped off from that game.

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This developer is over rated along with their games. Lords of Shadow 1 and 2 both sucked.

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@coreyr84: 1st Lord of Shadow was great imo.

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@coreyr84: Don't forget the crap 3DS game

The first game was OK, I wanted to like it more but had a tough time with it, annoying checkpoint system

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Hope they are not going to announce a game that is in infancy state of development cycle. They should take a note from Bethesda with their Fallout 4 announcement.

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Lords of shadow was very underrated

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@gamingdevil800: Nah, I think it did pretty well for what it was.

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@gamingdevil800: The first one? Yes. But then there was the second one....

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@gamingdevil800: Narrow corridors with invisible walls and static camera angles. The only thing good about the game was Patrick Stewart.

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So is this a Konami game?

The publisher that's not making games anymore?

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@barcaazul: No, I don't think they work with Konami anymore and this new game won't be a Castlevania game.

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"Today on Twitter, the studio reminisced about its previous games, including Jericho..."

Probably the only ones that ever have or ever will reminisce about Jericho.

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The 1sr LOS was awesome and strangely underrated

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@tane100: I hated the first because of the 3rd person camera view and the narrow corridor with invisible walls setup. I gave up playing that game after beating one of the early boss in the frozen lake.

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Good news. I really liked Lords of Shadow 1.

Mirror of Fate and Lords of Shadow 2 were alright. But the first game was top notch.

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@R4gn4r0k: Really? You liked narrow corridors and invisible walls? Static camera angles? Lords of Shadow sucked along with its sequel.

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@coreyr84: Get off your high horse dude. You don't want to know how many AMAZING games have invisible walls. What a stupid argument.

You like posting the same response to every single person that liked Lords of Shadow ? You have a lot of work ahead of you.

I wish you the best of luck !

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@R4gn4r0k: Except the invisible walls in the amazing games are well blended so you don't notice... unlike this game. I'm happy you like the game.

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@coreyr84: Thanks man, sometimes a flawed game can be very enjoyable too.

I'm enjoying The Force Unleashed at the moment, loooool xD

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@R4gn4r0k: I couldn't get past it with this game. Especially when it was so derivative, and done better by the other games that it copies (god of war, devil may cry, bayonetta). Don't get me wrong I love other derivative games especially of the 3rd person action genre (Darksiders 2, Ghostbusters the video game, etc.), but this game just wasn't where it should have been in quality. It has some redeeming qualities in the cutscenes and the Patrick Stewart voice over, but the mission structure and pacing, poor static camera and the invisible walls just ruined it for me. It all just seemed very cookie-cutter, and the cutter was bent from being in the drawer too long.

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It's not Lords of Shadow so i'l keep an open mind.....

the art in their tweet looks good........

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I look forward to the reveal. I just hope the game does not have a troubled development like LoS 2. They need to get back to form.