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Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Walkthrough

Help Leon whip his way to victory in this new 3D action-adventure from Konami. Our walkthrough includes item and creature lists, a full walkthrough for the game, as well as cheats and secrets.


By Stephen Kleckner
Design by Collin Oguro

The highly regarded 2D vampire hunter series from Konami finally makes the transition to 3D in Lament of Innocence. You play the role of Leon Belmont, a former aristocrat who has abandoned his title and set off on a journey to rescue his beloved, who has been kidnapped by a vampire (of course. What were you expecting, a werewolf?). This GameSpot Game Guide to Castlevania: Lament of Innocence will tell you everything you need to whip your way to victory over the undead, with a full rundown on items, the orb system, creatures, maps, and boss tips. We've even included some cheats for the faint-of-heart.


This section talks about the basic items you'll come across in the game, and describes Castlevania: Lament of Innocence's orb system.

Basic Items

Serum: Cures Leon when poisoned.
Uncurse Potion: Cures Leon when cursed.
Potion: Recovers 50 health points.
High Potion: Recovers 100 health points.
Super Potion: Recovers entire HP bar.
Wine: Millennium vintage. Recovers a portion of Leon’s health points.
Heart Repair: Recovers hearts.
Mana Prism: Recovers a portion of Leon’s magic points.
Neapolitan: Recovers a portion of Leon’s health points.
Small Meat: Recovers a portion of Leon’s health points.
Big Meat: Recovers a larger portion of Leon’s health points.
Sponge Cake: Recovers a portion of Leon’s health points.
Sushi: Recovers a portion of Leon’s health points.
Memorial Ticket: Returns Leon to the last save point that was utilized.
Magical Ticket: Returns Leon to Rinaldo’s shop.
Curtain Bell: Mainly used for calling out the Succubus.
HP Max Up: Raises health point meter
MP Max Up: Raises magic point meter
Hearts Max Up: Raises heart meter

Event Items

Ancient Text 1: "’Meth’ means death, ‘emeth’ means life."
Ancient Text 2: "When the bell tolls thrice under the stage, the curtain will rise."
Ancient Text 3: "When the scorching statue is frozen, the defender will crumble."
Ancient Text 4: "You will know the false wall from the tapestry of the flying two-headed one."
Marker Stone 1-8: Use to mark map.
Map 1: Map for House of Sacred Remains
Map 2: Map for Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab
Map 3: Map for Dark Palace of Waterfalls
Map 4: Map for Garden Forgotten By Time
Map 5: Map for Ghostly Theatre
Blue Dragon Key: Found in Dark Palace of Waterfalls. Use in Garden Forgotten By Time
Black Turtle Key: Found in Ghostly Theatre. Use in Dark Palace of Waterfalls.
Red Phoenix Key: Found in Garden Forgotten By Time. Use in Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab.
Yellow Dragon Key: Found in Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab. Use in House of Sacred Remains.
White Tiger Key: Found in House of Sacred Remains. Use in Ghostly Theatre.
Tool Bag: Increases how many accessories Leon can carry (the max items cheat in combination with this item does not add a ton of accessories for Leon).
Unlock Jewel: Use this to unlock the prison door in Prison of Eternal Punishment.
Dragon Crest: Used to open the throne room in the Pagoda of the Misty Moon.
Music Box: A special item you can buy from Rinaldo after completing the game. Unlocks the soundtrack option on the game’s main menu screen.


Diamond: Recover all meters.
Opal: Blows monsters away from Leon.
Ruby: Destroys all monsters in the local area.
Sapphire: Allows Leon to absorb a portion of a creature's hit points.
Turquoise: Change your alternative weapon.
Zircon: Increases Leon’s cash.


Whip of Alchemy: Your average run of the mill, monster-killing, whip of alchemy.
Whip of Flames: A whip that has been upgraded with a fire element.
Whip of Ice: A whip that has been upgraded with a frost element.
Whip of Lightning: A whip that has been upgraded with a lightning element.
Vampire Killer: A whip that has been upgraded by a tainted soul.


Earth Plate: Reduces damage from creatures by 5%.
Meteor Plate: Reduces damage from creatures by 10%.
Moonlight Plate: Reduces damage from creatures by 20%.
Solar Plate: Reduces damage from creatures by 30%.


Bloody Cape: Hearts are added to Leon’s collection whenever he takes damage.
Coin of Happiness: Increases Leon’s luck.
Jewel Crush: Equip this in order to unleash the power of gems.
Aroma Earring: Increases Leon’s intelligence.
Draupnir: Increases Leon’s offensive strength.
Raccoon Charm: Heavily increases Leon’s luck.
Member Plate: All Rinaldo shop members receive 10% off all items. Must have card equipped to receive this special offer limit one per household.
Ring of Thunder: Makes Leon tolerant to lightning attacks.
Ring of Fire: Makes Leon tolerant to fire related attacks.
Arctic Ring: Makes Leon tolerant to ice related attacks.
Anti-poison Ring: 75% success rate on curing poison effects before they start.
Sacrificial Doll: If health points reach zero while doll is equipped, it will be killed off instead of Leon.
Heart Brooch: Increases the amount of hearts Leon can hold.
Brisingamen: Increases the time limit attached to Relics.
Megingjord: The less health points Leon has, the more damage he will inflict on others.
Jade Mask: Another special item you can buy from Rinaldo after completing the game. Breaks lamps without Leon having to lift a finger.


Svarog Statue: Allows Leon to emit a trail of flames, which follows him wherever he goes.
Little Hammer: Forces cash out of creatures when whipped.
Lucifer’s Sword: Damages creatures when they make contact with Leon.
White Bishop: Leon’s defense is increased.
Black Bishop: Leon’s offense is increased.
Wolf’s Foot: Leon’s running speed is increased.
Meditative Incense: Replaces MP with Hearts.
Crystal Skull: Turns Leon invisible.
Invincibility Jar: Makes Leon invincible.
Saisei Incense: Replaces MP with HP.

Orb System

The orb system in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence allows for a plethora of different alternative weapon attacks. Check out the information below, along with the information regarding creature tolerances and weaknesses in the creatures section, for the best attack combination during certain situations.


No Orb--Crystal--Hearts: Three

Leon will create a crystal, which will last for around five seconds before exploding (the blast area is about five or six body lengths). This is one of the few alternate weapons that allow the player to perform multiple instances of the same attack at the same time, giving Leon the option to riddle a small area with several exploding crystals if needed (around six crystals can be laid down before the first one explodes). Take special note that crystals laying too close to each other will set off a chain reaction of explosions (Example: crystal A explodes, crystal B gets hit by crystal A’s blast and explodes early).

Red Orb--Mash Crystal--Hearts: Four

The properties of mash crystal are practically the same as normal crystal with the exception of the blast area being slightly larger (around six to eight body lengths).

Purple Orb--Shatter Plane--Hearts: Twenty

Leon bends over slightly, then unleashes a quick burst of energy that shatters the frame, doing damage to anything that happened to be on screen during activation.

Blue Orb--Hail Crystal--Hearts: Eight

Leon summons a large crystal from the sky that drops on anything standing directly in front of him (the crystal will target the closest threat that is in front of Leon). The crystal’s life span is about one or two seconds before exploding with a blast radius of about three to five body lengths.

Green Orb--Drain Stone--Hearts: Eight

Leon throws a small crystal-like stone that drains a portion of the target’s health and adds said points to Leon’s health meter. The crystal will last until it either hits a creature or slams into a wall.

Yellow Orb--Satellite--Hearts: Fifteen

Four medium-sized stones encircle Leon, following him wherever he goes for five to seven seconds before choosing a target and firing off as a projectile.

White Orb--Judgment--Hearts: Twenty

Leon summons ten beams of blue energy from the heavens, which rapid fire down on multiple targets. How the computer decides which target gets how many beams seems slightly random, but typically the closest threat will receive the bulk of the damage.

Black Orb--Yanish Storm--Hearts: Twelve

Leon leaps into the air and unleashes a blizzard of blue energy and tiny crystals towards anything in front of him, dealing out multiple strikes on anything that is in its path. This attack appears to have a reach of at least half the room (if not the entire area).


No Orb--Cross--Hearts

Two crosses will travel around Leon, and will inflict damage to any object or creature that crosses its path (crosses follow Leon wherever he goes). The effect lasts for roughly 10-12 seconds.

Red Orb--Double Cross--Hearts: Six

The same as cross, except three additional crosses have been added traveling in a more roller coaster style path, ensuring greater chances of hitting creatures approaching from all sides.

Purple Orb--Michael’s Sword--Hearts: Ten

Leon raises his arm and shoots a blue energy bolt into the sky, which will land on the nearest target, erecting a giant blue flaming cross (occasionally lamps will accidentally be considered targets if the spacing situation places them between Leon and creatures).

Blue Orb--Divine Cross--Hearts: Eight

A giant blue cross will appear in front of Leon and follow him around for roughly ten seconds. The blue cross will do damage to creatures, but only when Leon walks the cross up to them. It should be noted that the cross will always attempt to stay in front of Leon, but will slightly lag in repositioning itself if he is spun around quickly.

Green Orb--Holy Light--Hearts: Six

Leon creates a giant blue cross that then travels straight ahead indefinitely, and does not stop when making contact with structural obstacles or creatures.

Yellow Orb--Grand Cross--Hearts: Twelve

Leon will leap into the air while three giant golden crosses encircle his body briefly. You have no control over Leon during this attack.

White Orb--Agnea--Hearts: Twelve

Leon fires lightning beams out of his fingertips. Simply tapping the alternate attack button will give out a short burst, while holding the button down will result in a longer attack (heart cost is not affected).

Black Orb--Six Saints--Hearts: Fifteen

Leon will conjure up six crosses that will fire multiple energy blasts (will attack either multiple targets or concentrate on one depending on placement and situation). The crosses are static and will not follow Leon.

Holy Water

No Orb--Holy Water--Hearts: Four

Leon dumps a half circle of holy water directly in front of him, spitting up a quick wall of blue flames. The attack lasts for maybe a second.

Red Orb--Roaring Flames--Hearts: Six

Leon spills a circle and a half of holy water, spitting up a quick circular wall of red flames. The walls also last for roughly a second.

Purple Orb--Cross Blazer--Hearts: Eight

Leon slams his fist down on the ground and a bright blue, flaming cross is drawn into the concrete, hitting anything diagonal from him. The furthest portion of the cross appears to go as far as six or seven body lengths.

Blue Orb--Energy Gazer--Hearts: Five

Leon slams his fist into the ground and a path of medium-sized red and white explosions travels forward until it hits a wall. This attack will initially alter its starting point if a creature is close enough to Leon’s line of fire, but will otherwise continue on course regardless of any possible targets nearby or in its way.

Green Orb--Flame Sparks--Hearts: Four

Leon will throw a small ball of blue energy that explodes into six separate balls of energy upon contact with either a creature or wall. The six separate balls of energy drop to the floor and create a quick blue blast similar to the normal Holy Water wall. This particular projectile also has some weight to it, so it will eventually hit the ground seven to nine body lengths away from Leon.

Yellow Orb--Holy Symbol--Hearts: Four

Leon punches the floor and a small rotating symbol appears. When a creature crosses said symbol a rainbow-colored blast of energy will emit from the circle. Leon can place four of these symbols on the ground at the same time before the first one disappears (undisturbed, the circles last for around three to four seconds).

White Orb--Aqua Disc--Hearts: Ten

Leon raises his hand and forms a circular disc out of blue flames emitting from his hand. Anything residing with in the disc area will take damage (except Leon of course), which is about three to four body lengths in size. Holding the alternate attack button down will allow the attack to last for five seconds, where single pressing will only last for about a second (the same amount of hearts are spent either way).

Black Orb--Energy Wave--Hearts: Eight

Leon punches the ground, unleashing a blue energy wave that tracks a target and eventually engulfs them in blue flames. This seems to target the closest threat to Leon as opposed to who he is lined up with. If the creature dies before the attack ends, energy wave will track another target.


No Orb--Axe--Hearts: Four

Leon will throw two axes straight ahead with a slightly weaving pattern. This projectile will continue until it makes contact with a creature or wall.

Red Orb--Spiral Axe--Hearts: Six

Leon will unleash twelve axes from all sides, traveling on a slightly curved path. All axes will travel the length of the room unless it makes contact with a creature or object.

Purple Orb--Axe Tornado--Hearts: Ten

Six axes will appear underneath Leon and travel upwards, mimicking a tornado like pattern. The phenomenon will not follow Leon if he is moved.

Blue Orb--Spinning Edge--Hearts: Five

Leon throws a giant axe straight ahead, which will return just like a boomerang. This projectile will only travel three to four body lengths forward before returning. Contact with creatures or walls does not affect this attack (and will go through them).

Green Orb--Hi-Speed Edge--Hearts: Five

Leon’s left arm will wield a large axe and he will dash about fourteen body lengths forward. Contact with creatures will not stop the attack midway through (of course, you won’t be allowed to go through walls).

Yellow Orb--Spirit Ripper--Hearts: Twelve

Spirit ripper unleashes three yellow shard-like spheres that will follow Leon and attack any objects or creatures that are within a certain range (somewhere between four to six body lengths away).

White Orb--Axe Trap--Hearts: Ten

Leon summons a group of axes to rotate around wherever he is standing. The axes, however, will not follow Leon if he is moved.

Black Orb--Rapid Slash--Hearts: Eight

Leon performs four to five quick kicks straight ahead at a lightning quick pace.


No Orb--Knife--Hearts: One

Leon throws a small knife straight ahead. This projectile is extremely fast and can travel the length of the room in a heartbeat.

Red Orb--Triple Dagger--Hearts: Three

Similar to knife, triple dagger has Leon throwing three extremely fast knives in rapid succession straight ahead.

Purple Orb--Magic Missile--Hearts: Eight

Leon unleashes seven purple knives that levitate in an arch before homing in on a target and attacking. This attack will target multiple creatures at once (with the closest target receiving the bulk of knives).

Blue Orb--Needle Claws--Hearts: Four

Leon summons four giant knives from up and under a target monster. Deciding on which target receives the attack seems to rely more on whom Leon is facing instead of distance.

Green Orb--Force Cannon--Hearts: Four

Leon raises his arm to emit a quick blast of blue energy towards a target. Again, what is targeted relies on whom Leon is facing. The attack can be fired from across the room.

Yellow Orb--Astral Knife--Hearts: Ten

Eight mini-teleports surround Leon, extruding eight white glowing knives that then follow him around. If a target is close enough, the knives will break off and attack.

White Orb--Spread Gun--Hearts: Six

Leon raises his hand and fires off a quick blast of energy like a shotgun. This blast can be fired from across the room and, like the majority of the knife attacks, relies on aim rather than who is closest to Leon.

Black Orb--Blade Serpent--Hearts: Twelve

Leon unleashes a gaggle of knives that form together like a school of fish and fly from target to target. The attack lasts for around nine seconds and will attack the closest target to Leon first, then move on to the next closest target once destroyed.


Golden Knight

Hit Points:60
Description:A soldier with special armor that only takes damage from magical attacks.


Hit Points:1
Weakness:Fire, Knife, Axe
Description:A bat serving under the control of a vampire.


Hit Points:50
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:A freshly buried corpse animated by magic.


Hit Points:56
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:A human skeleton animated by magic.

Axe Armor

Hit Points:160
Weakness:Lightning, Axe
Description:An armored knight that wield a giant axe.

Evil Sword

Hit Points:34
Description:A sword possessed by an evil spirit. It cuts through anything and everything.


Hit Points:66
Tolerance:Knife, Axe
Weakness:Holy Water, Cross
Description:An evil spirit said to be summoned by those who seek knowledge.

Peeping Eye

Hit Points:50
Description:An eyeball monster born from a person who once peeped in life.

Mad Diver

Hit Points:120
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:A zombie with long claws that travels freely underground.


Hit Points:30
Tolerance:Knife, Axe
Weakness:Holy Water, Cross
Description:An evil spirit that sucks up people's life energy.

Skeleton Swordman

Hit Points:80
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:A skeleton that brandishes a broad sword.


Hit Points:80
Weakness:Ice, Knife, Axe
Description:A dog that breathes red hot flames.

Creatures - cont.

Ghost Soldier

Hit Points:50
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:The ghost of a soldier that died in vain.

Flame Zombie

Hit Points:50
Weakness:Ice, Holy Water, Cross
Description:A zombie born from a fire victim. It emits flames from its body.

Flame Sword

Hit Points:80
Tolerance:Fire, Knife
Weakness:Ice, Crystal
Description:An Evil Sword that possesses the elemental properties of fire.

Flame Demon

Hit Points:200
Weakness:Ice, Holy Water, Cross
Description:A demon that wields the fires of Hell.

Red Skeleton

Hit Points:50
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:A blood red skeleton. Always returns to life.

Shadow Wolf

Hit Points:100
Weakness:Ice, Knife, Axe
Description:A wolf, black as a shadow.

Astral Fighter

Hit Points:80
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:A Skeleton Fighter that teleports using the Astral Plane.

Ghost Knight

Hit Points:50
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:The ghost of a knight that died still holding on to grudges.

Skeleton Archer

Hit Points:30
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:A skeleton equipped with a bow and arrow.

Flea Man

Hit Points:10
Weakness:Knife, Axe
Description:A humanoid monster that hops in any and all directions.

Ghost Warrior

Hit Points:50
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:The ghost of a warrior that died in a sneak attack.


Hit Points:84
Tolerance:Lightning, Knife
Weakness:Holy Water, Crystal
Description:A monster with wings, red eyes, and a hide as hard as stone.

Creatures - cont.

Lizard Man

Hit Points:160
Weakness:Lightning, Knife, Axe
Description:A subspecies of man with hard scales.

Rune Spirit

Hit Points:20
Tolerance:Knife, Axe
Weakness:Holy Water, Cross
Description:A spirit born from the hatred of animals massacred by humans.

Astral Knight

Hit Points:80
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:A Skeleton Knight that teleports using the Astral Plane.

Armor Knight

Hit Points:180
Weakness:Lightning, Axe
Description:An armored knight that wields a shield.

Skeleton Knight

Hit Points:100
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:The bleached bones of a dead knight. Attacks under the power of magic.

Poison Zombie

Hit Points:50
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:A zombie that spews a deadly poison that can rot flesh on contact.


Hit Points:60
Tolerance:Knife, Axe
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Crystal, Cross
Description:A mist that swallows up the living.

Man-Eating Plant

Hit Points:200
Weakness:Fire, Knife, Axe
Description:An insectivorous plant that acquired a taste for men.


Hit Points:66
Description:An evil eye that gazes from the darkness.

Skeleton Soldier

Hit Points:56
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:The bleached bones of a dead soldier. Wanders in search of enemies.

Poison Lizard

Hit Points:140
Weakness:Lightning, Knife, Axe
Description:A Lizard Man that spews a deadly poison.

Wolf Skeleton

Hit Points:80
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:A wolf's skeleton animated by magic.

Creatures - cont.

Astral Warrior

Hit Points:80
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:A Skeleton Warrior that teleports using the Astral Plane.

Fish Man

Hit Points:84
Tolerance:Fire, Ice
Weakness:Lightning, Knife, Axe
Description:A blue merman that attacks by spewing ice.

Frost Sword

Hit Points:80
Tolerance:Ice, Knife
Weakness:Fire, Crystal
Description:An Evil Sword that possesses the elemental properties of ice.

Frost Demon

Hit Points:200
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:A demon that wields absolute cold.

Frost Zombie

Hit Points:50
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:Zombie born of a corpse that froze to death. It is cloaked in cold.


Hit Points:120
Tolerance:Fire, Ice
Weakness:Lightning, Knife, Axe
Description:A red merman that attacks by spewing fire.


Hit Points:66
Tolerance:Knife, Axe
Weakness:Holy Water, Cross
Description:A vengeful spirit that died with unresolved grudges.

Skeleton Flower

Hit Points:150
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:A flower made of bones. Spews a deadly poison.

Heavy Armor

Hit Points:200
Weakness:Lightning, Axe
Description:A cavalry soldier that wields a giant mace.

Skeleton Warrior

Hit Points:90
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:The bones of a warrior animated by magic. Persistently returns to life.

Thunder Sword

Hit Points:80
Weakness:Knife, Axe, Crystal
Description:An Evil Sword that possesses the elemental properties of lightning.

Thunder Demon

Hit Points:200
Weakness:Knife, Axe, Holy Water, Cross
Description:A demon that wields the thunder that rolls in the heavens.

Creatures - cont.

Storm Skeleton

Hit Points:60
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:The bones of a person who died in a storm. Comes apart and attacks in pieces.


Hit Points:400
Weakness:Knife, Axe
Description:A one-eyed giant. It brandishes a big club.

Chaos Sword

Hit Points:150
Description:A sword that possesses all elemental properties and attacks as it changes.

Skeleton Hunter

Hit Points:60
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:An elite Skeleton Archer. Has excellent accuracy.


Hit Points:350
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:In life, he chopped off the heads of thousands of innocent convicted men.

Hanged Man

Hit Points:180
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:The zombie of a man who died by hanging.

Red Ogre

Hit Points:400
Weakness:Fire, Knife, Axe
Description:A red demon with horns.


Hit Points:250
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:The bones of a swordsman of the Roman Era. As skilled with the sword as he was in life.

Lesser Demon

Hit Points:200
Weakness:Holy Water, Cross
Description:A demon under Walter's control.

Evil Stabber

Hit Points:200
Weakness:Holy Water, Cross
Description:The elite zombies among the Mad Divers that have inherited their evil nature.

Death Reaper

Hit Points:100
Description:A Flea Man that has awakened to the pleasures of tearing apart humans.

Mirage Skeleton

Hit Points:500
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:A skeleton that uses illusions of self to protect itself.

Creatures - cont.


Hit Points:180
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:The embodiment of hatred from the West.

Lizard Knight

Hit Points:300
Weakness:Lightning, Knife, Axe
Description:A high-ranking Lizard Man adorned with armor.

Axe Knight

Hit Points:250
Tolerance:Fire, Ice, Knife
Weakness:Lightning, Axe
Description:An Axe Armor that throws its axe like a boomerang.


Hit Points:400
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:A monster that dons the aura of darkness and cannot be seen by the naked eye.


Hit Points:250
Tolerance:Fire, Ice, Knife
Weakness:Ligtning, Axe
Description:A headless armored knight. It wanders in search of its lost head.

Soulless 1

Hit Points:30
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:A soulless human brought into being by an Undead Parasite.

Soulless 2

Hit Points:30
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water, Cross
Description:A soulless human brought into being by an Undead Parasite.


Hit Points:45
Weakness:Fire, Holy Water
Description:A maggot that devours Forgotten Ones.

Flame Elemental

Hit Points:1500
Description:A knight surrounded by red hot flames.

Frost Elemental

Hit Points:1500
Tolerance:Ice, Holy Water, Crystal, Cross
Description:A knight that harnesses arctic chill.

Thunder Elemental

Hit Points:1500
Weakness:Knife, Axe
Description:A knight surrounded by lightning who unleashes flashes of light.

Doppelganger 1

Hit Points:1000
Description:A monster that looks like Leon. The weapons are not perfect copies.

Creatures - cont.

Doppelganger 2

Hit Points:1500
Description:A Doppelganger that is only a copy of Leon's appearance and fights with its fists.

Undead Parasite

Hit Points:1200
Weakness:Holy Water, Cross
Description:Undead infested by parasites from working on constructing the filthy Great Shrine.


Hit Points:1500
Tolerance:Lightning, Knife
Description:A man-made monster made of stone.


Hit Points:1000
Weakness:Fire, Knife, Axe
Description:A monster that sucks up a person's essence by taking advantage of their feelings.


Hit Points:2000
Description:A legendary monster whose gaze can turn people to stone.


Hit Points:1500
Tolerance:Knife, Axe, Crystal
Weakness:Ice, Holy Water, Cross
Description:He was turned into a vampire by Walter, and imprisoned because he rebelled.

Forgotten One

Hit Points:4800
Tolerance:Fire, Lightning, Cross
Description:A man-made monster, eternally sealed away due to an enormous uncontrollable power.


Hit Points:1500
Tolerance:Knife, Axe
Weakness:Holy Water, Cross
Description:The Vampire beloved by the eternal night. Master of the castle.


Hit Points:4444
Description:A being that hunts souls. Loyal to the master of the Crimson Stone.


Castle Entrance Floor 1

Welcome to the main hub area of Castlevania. You will essentially be doing the majority of your saving and traveling from level to level from here. The very first thing you will probably want to do before proceeding to an actual level is to go through the basic tutorial areas in rooms 05-09 (the Relic you gain alone is worth the five to ten minutes you will spend there).

Unless you have the unlock crystal, I’d suggest saving your long walk down the stairs towards the Prison of Eternal Torture for a later time. This is an alternate boss arena that will provide you with a Black Orb if you defeat The Forgotten One (Perhaps the second hardest boss fight in the game).

Map Key

01- Rinaldo’s Shop
02- N/A
03- N/A
04- N/A
05- Double Jump Test, Event Item: Marker Stone 1, Basic Item: Potion
06- Double Jump Whip Test, Event Item: Marker Stone 2, Basic Item: Serum
07- Battle Test, 3 Skeletons
08- Whip Across Test, Basic Items: Uncurse Potion, Magical Ticket
09- Magic Test, 1 Golden Knight, Relic: Svarog Statue
10- N/A
11- Teleport Room
12- Staircase to Prison of Eternal Torture

House of Sacred Remains Floor 1

Right away, you are going to want to take care of the first Horizontal Lock Platform in room 04. Once that's done, you are going to want to take care of the two Triangle Lock Platforms on the West and East ends of the map (rooms 20 and 13). Make sure to finish these two objectives before traveling South, or else you are going to end up doing some unnecessary backtracking.

While adventuring East towards room 13, you are going to have to perform a tricky jump in room 08. After killing off all of the monsters and collecting all of the goodies, you will want to work yourself to the left side of the room and stand on the broken piece of ledge that is lying on the floor. Then jump and climb yourself up on the broken ledge that remains on the wall. Now face Leon towards the camera then jump off the ledge. Right after the jump has reached its peak, perform the second leap in the double jump and position Leon’s body towards the ledge on the far left while trying to whip him up and over. This will take a couple of tries, so don’t give up.

After completing rooms 20 and 13, you’re next main objective is going to be rooms 35 and 41, which are two more Horizontal Lock Platforms (and will unlock the Horizontally Locked Door). Rooms 21-30 don’t hold anything extremely special, so if 100% completion isn’t important to you, you don’t have to bother going through them.

When going for room 35, you are going to run into two special rooms. The first being a room filled with floor blobs and a misty maze (32). The floor blobs are little, well, blobs that honme in on Leon and shoot spikes up whenever he is standing still long enough. The trick to not letting these things hurt you is to keep on moving (you can not kill them). The misty walls that form the miniature maze are simply there to prevent you from doing a full on run in any direction, but they are low enough to allow Leon a quick leap over. Also make sure to explore the room, as there are a ton of coins lying around.

The other special room is going to be the Western Spike Room (34). In this room there is a contraption that controls a wave of spike walls that shoot up and out of the ground. You are safe from the spike wave as long as you are standing on a slab of concrete. In this particular spike room, all that you will have to do is run with the wave, chasing it, until you reach a safe concrete slab.

In the Eastern Spike Room (40), the situation is slightly different. You will start off having to run against the stream of the spike wave. Simply wait for the wave to hit your concrete slab, then go under, then run as fast as you can towards the next slab. You will run into the wave within the first straight away, so prepare yourself to double jump over it.

If you have the Yellow Dragon Key and you are in the Eastern Spike Room, go ahead and help yourself to room 43, which contains the Black Bishop. Then work your way towards the last Triangular Lock Platform in room 50.

Once both the Horizontal and Triangular locked doors are unlocked, you can proceed to the second floor, which can be accessed from room 53.

On your way to the staircase, however, you will have one more trick to take care of: the electric fence room (52). In this room, you will find the door leading to 53 barred shut. To unbar it, you will have to work your way to the altar towards the far right. Jump on top of the giant stone that sits in front of the altar, and allow Leon’s weight to lock it down into place. You should be treated to a short cinematic, which shows the door being unbarred, but now a tall electric fence stands between you and the door (the cinematic hints at what you need to do).

After the short cinematic, quickly jump and climb yourself onto the ledge that is behind the altar. Now stand at the left edge and you should notice a row of poles that are within your reach. Jump over and whip yourself over the pole. You will be expected to do this several times until you are finally over the fence and on your way to room 53. Note that you have a limited time to get yourself over the fence or else the door will become barred again, so don’t waste time.

Map Key

01- 4 Skeletons
02- 2 Skeletons
03- 5 Skeletons, 2 Skeleton Archers
04- Horizontal Lock Platform
05- 6 Zombies
06- 2 Skeletons
07- 2 Ghost Warriors, 3 Skeleton Swordsmen, 2 Bags of Cash: $250
08- 6 Ghost Warriors, 4, Skeletons, Bag of Cash: $250, Alternative Weapon: Crystal
09- 4 Bats, 1 Red Skeleton
10- Basic Item: MP Max Up
11- 2 Red Skeletons, 1 Skeleton Hunter
12- 5 Skeletons, 1 Heavy Armor, Basic Items: HP Max Up, Serum, Uncurse Potion
13- Triangular Lock Platform
14- 5 Skeleton Swordsmen, 1 Run Spirit, 2 Bags of Cash: $250, Basic Item: Neapolitan
15- 6 Skeletons, 6 Run Spirits, Alternate Weapon: Axe, Bag of Cash: $250
16- 1 Buckbaird, 4 Bats
17- 2 Zombies, 3 Wolf Skeletons, 2 Bags of Cash: $250
18- 3 Red Skeletons, 1 Buckbaird
19- 3 Red Skeletons, 1 Heavy Armor, 2 Bags of Cash: $250
20- Triangular Lock Platform, Event Item: Marker Stone 6
21- N/A
22- 2 Skeleton Knights, 2 Zombies
23- N/A
24- 4 Rune Spirits, 2 Zombies
25- 4 Rune Spirits, 5 Zombies
26- N/A
27- N/A
28- 3 Skeletons, 5 Zombies
29- 4 Skeleton Knights, 4 Ghost Warriors
30- N/A
31- 12 Flea men
32- 5 Floor Globs, Several Coins
33- N/A
34- Spike Room West
35- Horizontal Lock Platform
36- N/A
37- Alternative Weapon: Holy Water
38- 5 Floor Globs, Several Coins
39- N/A
40- Spike Room East
41- Horizontal Lock Platform
42- 2 Wolf Skeletons
43- Relic: Black Bishop, Yellow Dragon Key Required
44- 4 Skeleton Archers, 5 Skeleton Knights, Basic Items: Potion
45- Horizontally Locked Door
46- 1 Heavy Armor
47- 7 Zombies, 5 Vassagos, Bag of Cash: $400
48- 1 Spartacus, 5 Wolf Skeletons, Basic Item: Potion
49- 1 Peeping Eye, 6 Skeletons
50- Triangular Lock Platform
51- N/A
52- Electric Fence Room
53- Alternative Weapon: Cross, Second Floor Staircase

House of Sacred Remains Floor 2

The first thing you will probably want to do is head North East towards room 06 where you can pick up the White Tiger Key. While in room 02, you will want to note the order and placement of the lady and dog statues. You will need this information later.

After picking up the White Tiger Key, you will want to head to room 13 which is on the North West end of the map. On your way there, you will also want to note the statue type and line up in room 07. When you enter room 09, you should notice two locked doors and a line up of giant statues that look just like the miniature ones in room 02 and 07. The puzzle here is pretty easy. Simply whip the statues to spin them around and change the type of statue that is being displayed (dog or lady). To head North and collect a HP Max Up, whip the statues in the same order they appeared in room 02 (just in case you didn’t note them, the order should be: dog/lady/dog/lady/lady). To keep heading to room 13, spin the statue in the order they appeared in room 07 (lady/dog/dog/lady/dog). Once in room 13, pick up the Bloody Cape, then head back to room 07 and head South towards room 17.

There will be one last obstacle to contend with, the Red Beam room (15). When in the Red Beam room, you should notice some shields that will block the beam. Time your walk across the wooden platforms so that the shield ends up between you and the beam and keep walking forward. Do not jump, as the wooden floor cannot sustain Leon’s weight when he lands.

After that, hit up the Save room off of room 16 if you need to and proceed to the boss battle in room 17.

Undead Parasite: This boss character is more of an arena wide collection of creatures rather than say one monster. The first thing you are going to want to attack are the four yellow eyeballs peeping out from the floor. Make sure to dodge the worm and the Soulless Ones while doing this (do not make the worm or the Soulless ones your primary target, as they are here just to slow you down).

Once you have destroyed the eyeballs, electricity should shoot out of the middle hole and some sort of disgusting mutated spore will pop out. Focus your attacks on it while still dodging the Soulless Ones and the worm. This mutated spore will also alternate between the five different holes in the arena (the four eyeball holes and the one hole it came out of), so be prepared to chase this thing around the arena a little bit.

Map Key

01- Staircase to First Floor
02- 4 Vassagos, 4 Astral Fighters
03- N/A
04- Triangular locked door
05- 5 Skeleton Archers
06- Event Item: White Tiger Key
07- 2 Vassagos, 1 Executioner
08- Alternative Weapon: Knife
09- Statue Room
10- HP Max Up
11- 8 Poison Zombies, 3 Astral Fighters
12- 3 Evil Swords
13- Equipment: Bloody Cape
14- N/A
15- Red Beam Room, 2 Red Skeletons, 2 Wolf Skeletons
16- N/A
17- Boss Arena

Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab Floor 1

As you can see from the overhead map, there is no clear-cut way of attacking Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab. You can easily cut the time you will end up spending here in half by just choosing a path in room 01 and simply blazing a trail south towards the second floor staircase. Outside of getting 100% completion, going for a specific alternate weapon or snagging the Marker Stone 4, there is very little reason to explore every single room on this floor. Map 2 is practically handed to you in the south long hallway (#20). With that said, don’t rob yourself of the fun experiences that can be had here for the sake of beating the level quickly. There are plenty of good battles waiting for you along with the incentive of some extra cash and basic items.

If you have the Fire and Ice whip, head to room 10 and whip the statue with one until it becomes extremely hot or extremely cold, then quickly swap whips in order to break the statue and enter room 11 (where a White Orb awaits).

Map Key

01- 2 Skeletons
02- N/A
03- N/A
04- 4 Skeleton Swordsmen, 6 Ghost Knights
05- 8 Ghost Knights, 4 Flame Zombies
06- 3 Flame Zombies
07- N/A
08- N/A
09- 3 Skeleton Swordsmen, 6 Frost Zombies
10- 8 Flame Zombies, 8 Frost Zombies
11- Orb: White Orb
12- 3 Flame Swords, Alternate Weapon: Axe
13- 3 Flame Zombies
14- 6 Skeleton Swordsmen, 2 Axe Armors
15- 6 Ghost Knights, 2 Axe Armors
16- 1 Astral Warrior, 2 Peeping Eyes, Bag of Cash: $400
17- 3 Red Skeletons, 1 Axe Armor, Event Item: Marker Stone 4
18- Staircase to second floor
19- 3 Flame Zombies, Event Item: Ancient Text 4
20- Alternate Weapon: Crystal, Event Item: Map 2

Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab Floor 2

This is where the lab becomes more interesting. If you already have the Red Phoenix Key, head west and take care of room 16 first, since you are already in the neighborhood, where you will pick up the Wolf’s Foot Relic. If you don’t have the key, you should start off checking out rooms 3, 2, and 14 (for some big money) then head into room 5.

If you are low on health you should go back to the save room off of hallway 4 for a quick recharge and save the HP Max in room 7 for when you come out of the Fire Element battle. Getting to the HP Max room simply involves riding the moving platform, then leaping over to the second ledge on Leon’s right. Getting to the Fire Element’s arena requires riding the platform and leaping onto the first ledge on Leon’s right, then whipping yourself over two poles and onto a third ledge. If your hearts are low, snag the Heart Max Up and prepare to battle the Fire Element (and gain the Flame Tainted Whip).

If you find yourself on the lower portion of the room, you can find a potion just behind the large pillar on the north side of the room.

Once you move into room 9, don’t bother heading north to 10 or 11. While 11 is the boss arena, and the door is accessible, you won’t conjur up the boss monster until you pick up the e-tablet, which is located on the third floor--so head south to room 13.

Before exiting the level on room 13, look for the yellow tile on the floor. Once you spot it, stand on it for a moment. You should then be teleported to a secret room which contains the Yellow Dragon Key. Get back on the tile, teleport back up, and head for floor 3.

"Ok. I’ve cleared out room 3. Now what?"

Head to the northern hallway (10) and hit the save room if you’re squeamish about losing your progress so far because of a boss fight. Now hit the Boss Arena (room 11), run to your right and examine the writing on the rock wall. It will ask you if you want to use your e-tablet. Say yes and prepare to battle the Golem.

Map Key

01- Staircase to first floor
02- 8 Hanged Men
03- 4 Astral Warriors, Bag of Cash: $400
04- Alternate Weapon: Knife
05- Mobile platform room. 2 Skeleton Flowers, Basic Items: 2 Heart Max Ups, 1 Potion
06- Flame Elemental, Whip of Flames
07- Basic Item: Max HP Up
08- N/A
09- 4 Red Skeletons, 1 Red Ogre
10- N/A
11- Boss Arena
12- N/A
13- Staircase to third floor, Event Item: Yellow Dragon Key
14- Bag of Cash: $1,000
15- 1 Axe Armor
16- Red Phoenix Key Required, Relic: Wolf’s Foot

Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab Floor 3

Your main goal for floor 3 is the e-tablet in room 15. Without it, you will not be able to awaken the Golem. If you have the Wolf’s Foot, you will want to head for room 06 and pick up the Mejingjord. On your way there, you will run into a crumbling bridge in room 05. Simply activate the Wolf’s Foot, which gives Leon extra speed, and run across.

On your journey towards room 15, you will want to also pick up the Arctic Ring hiding behind a tapestry in hallway 07. Head to the far east wall and simply jump at the tapestry. Leon will be transported to a secret item room where the ring resides. The only major obstacle left that stands in Leon’s way is the telescope room (13).

Once in room 13, run to the far left corner of the room, where you will see some bookshelves and explore the little area between the shelf and the wall. You should discover a slice of shortcake. Now jump up on top of the bookcase and run towards the small ledge that is opposite the blue wall. You should see a switch mechanism. Hit the switch and a series of platforms will pop out of the wall. Now run back towards the new ledges and scale them quickly (you only have a limited time to do this). The first handful only require a single jump, while the latter half tend to require double jumps (but do whichever makes you comfortable). Once on the top, you should be presented with a door that will lead you to room 15 and the e-tablet. Now head back to the second floor and prepare to battle the Golem.

Golem: The first incarnation of Golem is fairly simple. Attack him when he is stomping around. As soon as you see him wind up for a punch, dash backwards and away. After he swings (he will sometimes alternate between one swing and two), go back in for a quick attack. If he leaps up into the air, expect to perform either a quick jump over a shockwave (which will paralyze Leon if hit) or run passed some falling rocks when he lands.

The transformed Golem requires a little bit more tact. You will have to attack the red eyeball that is on his side with a quick jump attack. You can usually get one or two good hits in before having to back off. His swings in this version of his body are much faster and longer, so move in and move out quickly. His other attack involves him shooting his arm at you. You will get a slight moment to prepare yourself, as he will raise his arm up and aim it at you, then do a quick side step and dodge the projectile. While his arm is stuck, let loose on the red eye. Repeat these tactics until the Golem is dead.

Map Key

01- Staircase to second floor
02- 2 Flame Swords, 2 Flame Zombies
03- 4 Hell Hounds, 2 Flame Demons
04- N/A
05- 2 Hanged Men (infinitely resurrecting)
06- Equipment: Mejingjord
07- Alternate Weapon: Cross
08- Equipment: Arctic Ring
09- 3 Mad Drivers, Event Item: Ancient Text 3
10- 1 Axe Knight, 2 Axe Armors, Basic Item: Super Potion
11- 4 Hell Hounds, Event Item: Ancient Text 1
12- 1 Flame Demon, 3 Red Skeletons, Basic Item: MP Max Up
13- Telescope jumping area, Basic Item: Shortcake
14- N/A
15- Event Item: E-Tablet

Ghostly Theatre Floor 1

In Ghostly Theatre it doesn’t matter which direction you want to tackle first, because in the end you are going to be required to backtrack to the other side of the map later. This is evident in the level design, which has placed the Bell required to battle the Succubus in the eastern side of the second floor (Room 10 on the second floor, which can only be accessed by traveling through the eastern rooms of the first floor), but the boss arena (41), Map 5 (40), and Black Turtle Key (second floor room 03) reside entirely on the western sides of the map.

When heading west, your first major stop might be to pick up the Map 5 in room 40. You’re going to have to work your way past a beam room that has several of the skull pillars shooting energy (23). To get past these particular beams, you need to make Leon face the direction of the skull pillar and side step (hold guard and walk to one side). So if a pillar is firing east, Leon must face west and sidestep. When facing multiple skull pillars, you are going to have to repeat this step for the appropriate beam that is crossing your path. Also be aware that you will have to face a Red Ogre and Cyclops in room 39 before proceeding to room 40 (and there doesn’t appear to be an easily accessible save point on this neck of the woods).

After picking up the map, you might want to run by room 26 for the Aroma Earring and one of the two major rock rooms, 28, for the Ancient Text 2. In the rock rooms, you will want to choose a set of statues to destroy (in this one you get a dark gray set and a red set). To destroy a statue, simply stand right next to it and allow the aiming mechanism to target the statue, then run out of the way and let the boulder smash it to bits. Destroying the dark gray statues here will unlock the door to room 29, which contains a Heart Max Up, where destroying the red ones will unlock the other doors in the room.

Other than that, the rooms surrounding the southwest staircase (room 37) are filled with the usual stuff. Make sure to explore them for some pretty good battles, hearts, and cash lying around, but don’t expect any other major items that affect the game's continuity.

If you’re heading east, you will end up running into the level’s second rock room fairly early (07). It requires the same sort of strategy (stand next to a statue, let the firing mechanism aim at the statue, dodge the rock), with only one red set of statues to take care of.

A hallway later and you should run into the first floor spike room (09). This particular trap room is fairly straightforward. Watch for the square gaps in the dropping spike plates. As soon as the spike plate in front of you rises, sprint for the square and wait for the plate to fall again, then find the next closest square on the next set of plates and repeat. You will always just barely make it as long as you run straight for the gap. In this particular spike room, before exiting, you will want to try and work yourself towards the left side of the room (you should end up seeing a long clear area towards the back corner). Once over there, you should be able to notice a ledge that exists just above that area. Inch yourself as close as possible towards the dropping spikes (away from the corner of the room), then make Leon face the corner. Perform a double jump, snag the ledges railing with your whip and you will be able to enter room 10, which contains a HP Max Up.

The rest of the trip towards the southeast staircase is pretty uneventful. The usual battles and bags of cash fill the rest of the rooms. If you happen to have the White Tiger Key, you will be able to unlock room 18 and snag yourself a Heart Brooch.

"I have the Bell, so now what?"

Work your way back to room 41, stand on the red rug, and ring the bell three times (depending on which side you decide to do last, you can actually just hop down from the second floor to the first floor 39 room). The Succubus battle should then begin.

Succubus: This particular boss monster enjoys baiting Leon throughout the arena, while setting up poisonous flowers to block his path. I don’t recommend wasting your time on any of the flowers, simply avoid them and spend the effort attacking the Succubus. When you have finally caught up to her, perform the basic aerial whip combo. Performing attacks on the ground is simply too hit or miss since she is airborne.

In return, she will perform two "machine gun" style projectile attacks (the purple one will track Leon while the green version is a three stream spread). Dodging is probably the best way to deal with these two projectiles, as blocking can sometimes throw Leon into a stun animation (and then he is wide open for any follow up attacks).

Another powerful stun attack she possesses is a flower hurricane style move. She will spin her self wildly forming a miniature tornado that will follow Leon. Try to evade this attack as much as possible. If you have to block, try and make sure it is at the tale end of the attack and not the beginning (as the first hit can sometimes break Leon’s guard, leaving him open for the rest of the attack).

There is one attack where blocking simply will not work at all, and that is her kiss. When little hearts begin to float around her, run immediately in the opposite direction and avoid her at all costs. Her kiss will damage Leon and poison him.

When the Succubus splits into three, you are going to have to make an educated guess as to which copy is her, and then attack it. If you choose wrong, then you will paralyzed for a few moments.

A final attack, which will be added to her offensive repository towards the second half of the battle is the giant thorny rose branch, which she will summon out of the ground and will worm its way towards Leon. It will pop out of the ground three times during each instance of the attack; so don’t drop your guard too soon. Blocking it is easy, as it will not block stun Leon. Dodging it is slightly trickier, because it will hone in on Leon. The second and third portion of the attack will also sprout up wherever Leon is. So while you might dodge the first incarnation, the second and third will be right on top of him.

Map Key

01- 2 Skeletons
02- N/A
03- Skull Beam Room: 4 Skeletons, 1 Skeleton Hunter, Basic Item: Heart Repair
04- 1 Buckbaird, Alternative Weapon: Crystal
05- 2 Ghosts, 3 Skeleton Warriors, Event Item: Marker Stone 7, Bag of Cash: $400
06- N/A
07- Rock Room 1
08- 2 Shadow Wolves
09- Spike Room 1
10- Basic Item: HP Max Up
11- N/A
12- 3 Ghost Soldiers, 2 Skeleton Warriors, Bag of Cash: $400
13- 4 Spirits, 2 Skeleton Warriors, Bag of Cash: $400
14- N/A
15- 6 Shadow Wolves, 6 Zombies
16- N/A
17- N/A
18- Need White Tiger Key, Equipment: Heart Brooch
19- 8 Astral Knights, 1 Armor Knight
20- 2 Ghosts, Second Floor Staircase
21- 3 Skeleton Warriors, 2 Ghosts
22- N/A
23- Skull Beam Room: 4 Skeletons, 1 Skeleton Archer, Basic Item: High Potion
24- N/A
25- 4 Ghost Soldiers, 2 Skeleton Warriors, Bag of Cash: $400
26- 6 Spirits, 4 Zombies, Equipment: Aroma Earring
27- N/A
28- Rock Room 2: Event Item: Ancient Text 2
29- Basic Item: Heart Max Up
30- 2 Ghosts, 4 Spirits, Basic Item: Potion
31- N/A
32- 5 Astral Knights, 1 Axed Armor
33- N/A
34- 4 Spirits, 4 Shadow Wolves
35- N/A
36- 3 Shadow Wolves
37- 2 Ghosts, Second Floor Staircase
38- N/A
39- 1 Cyclops, 1 Red Ogre
40- Event Item: Map 5
41- Boss Arena

Ghostly Theatre Floor 2

If you are entering the second floor from the west, you will probably want to take advantage of the save room off of hallway 01. This is, literally, the only save point on the entire west side of the map.

Immediately after hallway 01 you will run into another beam room. You should know the drill by now. If you drop down off of the path and into the "pit" of Hanged Men, you should be treated to a Mana Prism. Also note that the Hanged Men down there will not stop reincarnating, so don’t expect to clear that room of all monsters.

After that, stroll into room 03 and collect your Black Turtle Key.

The east side of the second floor has a little bit more stuff to do in comparison. The first major issue you will run into is the second spike room. It is the same deal as the first spike room (find the safe spot, sprint towards it). This time, however, you will want to work your way towards the back center of the room (just to Leon’s right when he first enters). You should notice a pole that you can whip up on. Do so, and then jump up to the ledge on the left. You should receive a MP Max Up. Jump over to the right and enter room 06 for Lucifer’s Sword.

Now work your way to room 09. This particular room is dark and features a single spotlight, which will light you towards platforms you must jump on. Do not worry about falling off; the only thing that happens is Leon gets reset on the platform in front of the last door he entered from. Follow the light until you reach a door leading to room 10. This is where you pick up the Bell. Head back to room 09 and jump all the way back to the door you original came through. Exit the room, then re-enter (this resets what door you will end up at if you fall). Now we are going to jump at the platforms we cannot see.

Leap over to the first big platform. Then, instead of going left, jump straight ahead towards a platform in the dark (if you miss, you will at least see where it is). Once on that platform, jump again straight ahead towards a platform that is up against the far wall. Now turn right and jump over to another door that leads to room 11. Go inside and collect the Bisingamen.

Depending on how far along you are in this level, or if you don’t feel like backtracking the east side of the first floor, you can work your way to room 16 (you will have to cross a red beam room first, which if you fall will put you in room 36 on the first floor). Here you will be on the high ledge of room 39 on the first floor (the Cyclops and Red Ogre room, just before the boss arena). Make sure to grab the HP Max Up, and then hop down.

Map Key

01- 2 Ghosts, First Floor Staircase
02- Skull Beam Room: 6 Hanged Men (will resurrect indefinitely), Basic Item: Mana Prism
03- Event Item: Black Turtle Key
04- 2 Ghosts, First Floor Staircase
05- Spike Room 2: Basic Item: MP Max Up
06- Relic: Lucifer’s Sword
07- 10 Spirits, 1 Armor Knight
08- Alternative Weapon: Knife
09- Dark Room
10- Basic Item: Curtain Play Bell
11- Equipment: Brisingamen
12- 3 Buckabairds, 1 Axe Knight
13- 2 Skeletons
14- Red Beam Room: Second level above room 36
15- N/A
16- Second level above room 39, Basic Item: HP Max Up

Garden Forgotten By Time Floor 1

The first place you are probably going to want to hit in Garden Forgotten by Time is room 07 and unlocking the first of three locks on a vertically locked door, which are similar to the horizontally locked door in House of Sacred Remains. This time, however, you will be whipping a statue into a small recess instead of weighing a platform down into place. If you decided to check out room 03, you will find that this is the door in question that we need to unlock.

Once you are done with room 07, head to room 10 where you will find a jump puzzle (there should be three moving poles and a switch at the end). To clear this obstacle, you simply have to wait for the first pole to reach somewhere around its peak, then jump and whip yourself over (if you do it any lower, you will miss the ledge). Now we are on the tricky part: when the next pole reaches around its peak height, jump and whip yourself over to the third moving pole, now whip yourself onto the third moving pole and whip yourself over to the switch. Whip the switch and a ledge should pop out to catch you. Now work your way to the door and hit room 12 to take care of another portion of the vertically locked door.

The next stop should probably be room 15 where you can pick up Map 5. If you have the Blue Dragon Key, you can hit room 22 and pick up the Tool Bag. Now work your way towards room 32.

In room 32 you will face off against a Mist and a Man-Eating Plant. Do not kill the Man-Eating Plant right away. Instead, kill off the Mist then bait the Man-Eating Plant towards the wall on the left side (if you do a quick double jump, you should see a ledge just out of view). Once the plant is underneath the ledge, whip the plant until it blooms (again, do not kill it). When the leaves unfold, jump on the plant and use it as a platform to double jump up onto the ledge. Now head to room 33, unlock the first lock for the Triangularly Locked Door, and pick up the Jewel Crush.

Now head to room 37, pick up the Marker Stone 5 and unlock the Vertically Locked Door. The door leading to the Ring of Fire should be wide open for you, so make sure to go back and collect it when you have some free time.

The next room we will concentrate on is 39. This room is similar to room 32, except this time the ledge is on the right wall. Remember, kill the Mist, but spare the plant so that you can jump up onto the ledge. From the ledge, you will want to head to room 42.

From room 42 you have two options, you can either snag the Saisei Incense first (which requires a jump towards the East with the Wolf’s Foot relic) or you can climb the long staircase leading to the second floor where the Thunder Element awaits. This all depends on what you want to do and especially in the case of the incense, if you even have the tools for the job. In either case, you are going to need to at least climb the stairs and take care of another statue for the Vertically Locked Door before heading back to room 39.

Once rooms 40-46 and the second floor have been taken care of, you will want to head for room 54 where you should run into the final Vertically Locked Door. Then head back to room 51 where you can either head to room 51 and pick up the Red Phoenix Key, or head for room 49, whose entrance is to the left of the door blocked by plant life (should notice the arrows light up when you get close to the fence) and pick up the Ring of Thunder.

Finally, head to room 56 and destroy the third statue from the left (counting from the first statue on Leon’s left when he walks in). You can now save off of room 57 if you have to and enter the Medusa battle in room 58.

Medusa: During the first half of this battle, there will be two attacks that you will want to avoid. The first, and most typical one, is her snakebite. She will alternate between a single snakebite and one two-punch style snakebite. Depending on how the single attack lands, you can sometimes get away with simply blocking it. The double attack, on the other hand, is better dealt with by simply dodging (as the first attack will stun Leon).

When Medusa whiffs this move, you can sneak in one quick three hit combo before having to block or dodge. If your timing is off, however, you might want to stick to a single hard whip attack then prepare to move (a good three hit hard attack combo will stun Medusa back occasionally, allowing for a small window of opportunity to whip her once or re-position yourself).

The second attack, the stone beam, is easily side stepped. Simply start running to one side when she closes her eyes and yells, "Turn to stone", then activate a side step or even do a simple jump. If you are caught by the beam and turned to stone, hold block and rotate the left thumb stick rapidly. If you do it right, you will break out of the stone before she rolls over you, allowing you to block the first hit.

After the halfway point, Medusa will add two more attacks to her offense. The first of these will have Medusa float up into the air while facing the ground. She will then yell "Servants" and start throwing up snakes onto the floor. These small snakes are easily evaded by performing two double jumps (perform the first one just as the first small snake almost hits Leon, then try to land on an open area, then double jump again).

Medusa’s final attack will consist of her screaming "Damn You" then summoning several chunks of rock from the surrounding architecture to spin around her. She will then unleash them as projectiles, one after the other, towards you. If your dodging skills are masterful, you should be able to deal with this issue practically standing still (side stepping the rocks as they fly at Leon). For the rest of us, try and run the perimeter of the half of the arena Medusa is not in. Make sure you have plenty of running space when the first rocks launch, as you will have a handful to dodge (the rocks should just miss Leon, landing behind him).

Map Key

01- 3 Skeletons
02- 5 Ghosts, Vertically Locked Door
03- Equipment: Ring of Fire
04- N/A
05- 8 Skeletons
06- 2 Skeleton Swordsmen
07- Statue for Vertically Locked Door
08- 16 Bats, 5 Ghosts
09- N/A
10- Pole and Switch Room, Basic Item: HP Max Up, Bag Of Cash: $400
11- 2 Skeleton Swordsmen, 1 Skeleton Hunter
12- Statue for Vertically Locked Door
13- 2 Buckbairds, 4 Astral Warriors
14- 1 Evil Stabber, 2 Red Skeletons, Basic Item: Potion
15- 3 Ghosts, 2 Shadow Wolves, Event Item: Map 4
16- N/A
17- N/A
18- 2 Gargoyles
19- N/A
20- 4 Storm Skeletons
21- N/A
22- Blue Dragon Key Required, Event Item: Tool Bag
23- 5 Axe Armors, 2 Evil Stabbers, Bag of Cash: $250
24- Alternative Weapon: Knife
25- 1 Gargoyle, 3 Shadow Wolves, Bag of Cash: $400
26- 1 Buckbaird
27- 2 Skeleton Archers, 1 Thunder Demon
28- 3 Skeleton Soldiers, 1 Evil Stabber, Bag of Cash: $400
29- 5 Ghosts
30- 3 Skeleton Hunters, 1 Gargoyle
31- N/A
32- 1 Mist, 1 Man-Eating Plant, Bag of Cash: $400
33- Statue for Triangular Lock, Equipment: Jewel Crush
34- Alternative Weapon: Holy Water
35- 3 Lizardmen, 1 Thunder Demon
36- N/A
37- Statue for Vertical Lock, Event Item: Marker Stone 5
38- 2 Shadow Wolves, 1 Mist
39- 2 Buckbaird, 1 Man-Eating Plant
40- 5 Spirits, 3 Thunder Swords
41- Double Switch Room
42- 6 Ghosts, 2 Skeleton Soldiers, Basic Item: Heart Max Up
43- 3 Poison Lizards, 5 Ghosts
44- N/A
45- N/A
46- Equipment: Saisei Incense
47- 5 Ghosts, 1 Armor Knight, Alternative Weapon: Crystal
48- 1 Gargoyle, 1 Skeleton Flower
49- Equipment: Ring of Thunder (enter at the right of 51’s door, by the fence)
50- 3 Buckbairds, 2 Skeleton Flowers, 5 Lizardmen
51- 3 Skeleton Flowers, 1 Poison Lizard, Triangular Locked Door
52- Event Item: Red Phoenix Key
53- 2 Armor Knights
54- Statue for Triangular Lock
55- 2 Gargoyles
56- Big Statue Room, Third Statue on Left Wall
57- N/A
58- Boss Arena

Garden Forgotten By Time Floor 2

This is fairly straightforward, take care of the statue to unlock another portion of the Triangular lock, then proceed to room 03 to face the Thunder Element and walk away with the Thunder Whip.

Map Key

01- Statue for Triangular Lock
02- 1 Axe Armor
03- Thunder Elemental, Thunder Whip

Dark Palace of Waterfalls Floor 1

Dark Palace of Waterfalls requires you to complete two objectives before entering the boss arena. You need to drop the bridge that will link room 28 to 29 and then switch the water flow that blocks certain doors, cutting off your path.

In order to drop the bridge down, head for room 11 on the West side of the map. Then work your way to room 15, pick up the Marker Stone 8, and hit the bottom floor staircase (which is where you will hit the waterfall switch).

The bulk of the goodies on this floor exist on the east side of the map. The first major situation you are going to want to deal with while heading down that side will be to face off against the Frost Elemental and gain the Ice Whip in room 21. To get there, head for hallway 17 and kill off the Fishmen. Keep the Heavy Armor alive and head for the far east door, which looks like it was concreted. Bait the Heavy Armor towards you and stand directly in front of the door. Wait for the Heavy Armor to throw his mace at you, then dodge and allow it to bash the concrete wall. A door should appear leading you to room 18, 19, 20, and 21.

Once you reach room 19, you are going to want to explore the bottom portions of the cavern for a bag of cash. Now jump back up onto the rock ledge you entered on. Jump over to the other side (left side of the screen), then turn around facing the door, double jump and whip yourself up on another ledge. From there jump onto the rock column to the left, then double jump and whip yourself up onto another ledge further left. Enter room 20 and grab the HP Max Up. Don’t bother with the Skull Ride right now. Go back out to room 19. Now place Leon in the center of the rail facing the camera and double jump out (also towards the camera). You should land on a small rock column (the camera should now pan to reveal another ledge/railing to the left). Double jump and whip yourself over. You can snag a potion on this ledge, then walk towards the right and you will see another ledge and railing. Double jump and whip yourself over again to see yet another ledge and railing to the left. Perform yet another double jump and whip yourself over to see one last ledge and railing combo to the right. Double jump and whip yourself up onto this last ledge and then enter room 21 for the Frost Elemental battle and the Ice Whip.

When you find yourself heading towards the boss arena, you will probably run into an Axe Room. This obstacle should be fairly obvious. Time the axe swings and run past them. Axe Room 23 in particular will have a Heart Max Up sitting on a ledge to the right between the first and second Axes. Double jump and climb yourself up to get it. You can then jump and whip yourself over to the other side to land on another ledge that contains the Raccoon Charm.

If you want a Heart Max Up, head towards room 25 where you will have to do a jumping whip marathon across three sets of poles.

Once all is said and done, head towards room 28, cross the bridge, and face off against Joachim.

Joachim: Joachim’s cave area has three blue lanterns in three corners. Only one lantern will light up at any one time. When you spot the lit corner, run towards it, double jump and perform your hardest attack on it (little flames will spit out of the ground just below it, the double jump should allow you to clear it). Perform this three times then whip Joaquin, whose defense will now drop and become vulnerable to attacks. Avoid his flame swords that pop up out of the ground and keep dealing out as much damage as possible before he recalls his swords.

Joachim is, obviously, at his most dangerous when the blue swords are surrounding his body. He has a plethora of different sword projectile attacks, all similar in execution and results, which rely on Leon simply blocking to prevent damage. The only attack to really concern yourself about here is his purple spinning sword move, which will stun Leon if he tries to block and opens him up for a follow up attack. If you can confidently make Leon sidestep and evade attacks, even this attack shouldn’t be a huge problem for you.

Map Key

01- 4 Skeletons
02- 4 Fishmen
03- 5 Skeleton Swordsmen, 5 Fishmen
04- 4 Fishmen
05- 4 Fishmen, 1 Merman
06- 2 Mermen, 2 Skeleton Archers
07- 16 Flea men
08- N/A
09- 4 Fishmen, 3 Frost Swords
10- N/A
11- Bridge Switch
12- 2 Lizardmen, 3 Mermen
13- 6 Skeleton Soldiers, 1 Heavy Armor
14- 2 Mermen
15- Event Item: Marker Stone 8, Bottom Floor Staircase
16- 2 Frost Swords, 1 Frost Demon
17- 3 Fishmen, 1 Heavy Armor
18- 4 Red Skeletons, 1 Axe Armor
19- Basic Item: Super Potion, Bag of Cash: $1,000
20- Basic Item: HP Max Up, Skull Ride
21- Frost Elemental, Ice Whip
22- 4 Fishmen, 1 Merman
23- Axe Room, Basic Item: Max Hearts Up, Equipment: Raccoon Charm
24- 4 Mermen, 1 Heavy Armor
25- 2 Vassagos, 4 Rune Spirits, Basic Item: Heart Repair, Bag of Cash: $400
26- Basic Item: Heart Max Up
27- N/A
28- Bridge to Boss Arena
29- Boss Arena

Dark Palace of Waterfalls Bottom Floor

If you have the Flame Whip by this point, you will probably want to pick up the Little Hammer that sits in room 04. You will just have to take care of an ice door, which sits just outside in room 03. Simply whip it with the flame whip until the ice cracks and crumbles.

If you have the Black Turtle Key, you can now head off for room 11, which is sitting behind a door in hallway 09 in the corner of the fork. Once you are through you can pick up the Draupnir in room 12.

You can now head for room 17 and hit the switch in order to change the flow of water (giving access to a door you couldn’t get to before). Now head for room 22 in order to receive the Blue Dragon Key.

On your way to room 22, you will have to battle the blue Doppelganger in room 18. Defeating him doesn’t give you anything but the right to pass by. After all of this is complete, you can head back up to the first floor and head for the Boss Arena.

"What about the Skull Ride?"

You can take the Skull Ride and earn some special items for clearing all of the diamonds while catching a ride to room 12 on the first floor. In order to snag all of the diamonds, you will need to put Leon to the far right, then alternate sides for every row of diamonds you catch.

Map Key

01- 3 Skeleton Archers
02- 10 Flea men, 2 Mermen
03- Ice Door, 2 Flea men, 2 Lizardmen,
04- Relic: Little Hammer
05- Axe Room
06- 4 Mermen, 1 Armor Knight
07- Axe Room
08- 2 Frost Demons, 3 Heavy Armors
09- 3 Flea Men, 1 Cyclops
10- 5 Lizardmen
11- Black Turtle Key Required
12- Equipment: Draupnir
13- 2 Lizardmen, 1 Cyclops
14- Alternative Weapon: Crystal
15- 10 Lizardmen, Basic Item: HP Max Up
16- 2 Mermen, 1 Cyclops
17- Waterfall Switch
18- Blue Doppelganger
19- Alternative Weapon: Cross
20- Watered Door, Skull Ride
21- Lamp Room
22- Event Item: Blue Dragon Key

Pagoda of the Misty Moon Floor 1

When you first enter the Pagoda of the Misty Moon, you will be treated to a cinematic. By the time the cinematic is finished you will be back at Rinaldo’s with the Vampire Killer Whip.

When you head back to the Pagoda of the Misty Moon, you can head for room 11 and 12 for a MP Max Up and a Heart Max Up, then head to 13 to enter the second floor.

Map Key

01- Nothing
02- Alternative Weapons: Knife, Axe, Crystal, Holy Water, Cross
03- Red Beam Room, Basic Item: Super Potion
04- 2 Spartacuses
05- Red Doppelganger, Basic Item: HP Max Up
06- 2 Chaos Swords, 1 Gaap
07- 2 Phantoms
08- Red Beam Room
09- 2 Chaos Swords, 2 Death Reapers
10- 6 Mirage Skeletons
11- Basic Item: MP Max Up
12- Basic Item: Heart Max Up
13- Second Floor Staircase

Pagoda of the Misty Moon Floor 2

For sake of completion, you will want to work your way to room 27, pick up the Unlock Jewel, exit Pagoda of the Misty Moon and unlock The Forgotten One battle below Castle Entrance (Prison of Eternal Torture). Before you can get to room 27, you will have to deal with a lamp room (29), which is just like the earlier lamp room (hit all the lamps, unbar the door) as well as the jump puzzle in room 26.

Once in room 26, follow the path that is lighted for you to enter room 28 and pick up another HP Max Up. Once you exit room 28, leap back until you land on the big pad. Then double jump left and land on a long platform, then double jump back towards the back wall (the same wall room 28’s door is on). Now enter room 27 and collect the Unlock Jewel.

The Forgotten One: For the first portion of this battle, it is usually a good idea to have an alternate weapon ready that will surround Leon. It's a good idea to use either the Double Cross (Red Orb and Cross) or the Axe Trap (White Orb and Axe), as these will act as a temporary barrier between Leon and the maggots (if one of them hits Leon, he will become cursed for a few moments). Then keep repeating an attack pattern that consists of activating the alternative weapon, then performing a set of two basic three hit combos with the hard whip attack. Usually by the time the second combo is complete, the alternate weapon will fade and you will have to reactivate it to keep the maggots off . Also be aware of spilling blood during this entire battle, because if Leon is exposed to enough of it he will become poisoned.

Eventually the majority of The Forgotten One’s vital organs will have fallen off and you will have to perform jumping combos. This is the same situation as it was on the ground. Just make sure to launch the alternative weapon before jumping up for your attack (if you do it in the air, it won’t be effective protection and you will land into a dog pile of Maggots).

Once you’re destroyed his organs you will have to face the second portion of his body: the hand. The Forgotten One will try and smash or scoop you off of the ledge with his left hand. Getting past this part of the battle relies on memorizing six hand positions, four of which are clues as to where on the platform he is going to smash with the other two indicating what direction he is going to swipe from. The smash portion is simple, when he raises his hand up to a certain section of the screen, you just have to make sure Leon is not standing in a specific spot. Once the hand comes down, attack it (I can usually get in a quick three hit combo with the hardest attack before he takes his hand away).

Be careful. The Forgotten One will sometimes change his hand position in an attempt to trick you (this can also be followed by his raised hand dumping buckets of poisoned blood all over the platform in an attempt to trap you). Simply adjust accordingly when he does this.

The hand swipes are probably the hardest element of the arm position battle. When The Forgotten One puts his arm all the way to one side, you will have a brief moment before it will sweep across the platform to the other side. Usually a well-timed double jump will keep you from getting slammed to one side. As you get better at this, you will find that you can actually deal an extra bit of damage to the arm while jumping, when timed properly, with a quick drop kick. Once you have dodged the arm, simply whip it with a three hit combo.

Once the arm is defeated, you have one last section to kill off, his head. The Forgotten One is going to start off rearing his head back, then screaming with all of his might in your direction. This is typically the best time to deal in a quick whip combo. You will have just about enough time, if you get up there early enough, to finish up one solid combo before rocks start falling. Dodge the rocks and avoid being crushed by the big boulders.

From this point on, he is going to alternate between screaming and bringing down rocks, and blasting the ledge with his fire breath. Do not try to attack him during his fire blast. Especially don’t try to double jump during his fire blast. Just get behind a rock and stay there. If a rock cracks during his fire blast, run as quickly as you can to a non-cracked rock, as the cracked rock will shatter with the next pass of the fire blast (the fire blast really hurts, so just avoid it at all costs). His fire blast attacks typically last until there are no non-cracked rocks left (this alternates, however, but he rarely fire blasts if there is nothing stable enough for Leon to hide behind).

Wait for the screaming section of the attack to come by again, and attack. Repeat the process until his meter is drained and pick up the black orb.

If you don’t care about defeating The Forgotten One and just want to beat the game, head for room 13. Snag the VI tablet and head all the way over to room 32. You should see a switch sitting next to a table of tablets with one slot empty. Place the VI tablet in the mechanism, and then whip the switch. The mechanism should flip the VI tablet into an IV tablet. Grab the IV tablet and head back to room 13. Place the IV tablet into the special number lock, enter room 14 and grab the Dragon Crest.

Now all that you have to do is unlock Walter’s Throne Room (34) with the Dragon Crest and battle the final two bosses.

Walter: When facing Walter, I personally like having the Six Saints selected as an alternative weapon (Black Orb and the Cross). Walter will teleport to different areas of the arena, always staying just far enough back so that maybe one hard whip combo will connect before he teleports again. The Six Saints helps add some pressure to Walter, as well as clue in where in the arena he has teleported, because of its honing nature (no matter where the target goes, the beams will always fire in its direction).

The three main things to watch out for with Walter, other than his teleporting, is his mini ball attack (Walter will release a handful of floating balls which explode), a multiple lightning strike attack (Walter will summon lightning bolts to strike down in rapid fire, following Leon wherever he runs), and an attack where he releases a huge blast of flame.

For the mini-ball attack, simply run around them and attack Walter’s back. He will usually wait for you if he teleported across the room, so when approaching simply make sure to run behind him first before attacking.

The lightning strike simply requires Leon to keep running. If Leon stops then he will take damage, so just keep running (typically around Walter) until the lightning bolts stop coming down, then get in a quick whip combo.

The huge blast of flame is probably his most damaging attack. The moment you see it coming, run to the complete opposite direction of the arena (the blast dome will cover at least 1/3 of the arena if not more).

After defeating Walter, prepare to immediately battle Death.

Death: Death is the only boss in the game that will render your alternative weapons useless (and in some cases, use them against you), so don’t bother trying to use them. You’re going to have to rely entirely on your dodging skills and the whip.

During the first half of the battle, Death is going to alternate between four different attacks: Minions, Sickle Swipe, Spinning Sickle, and White Energy Blast. During the Sickle Swipe, Death will take two swings at you with his sickle if you are in close range. The best advice here is to dash back and don’t attempt to block. The first hit will stun Leon allowing the second hit to connect (if not come damn close).

The Spinning Sickle telegraphs a lot more than the Swipe, as he will raise his arm and spin his sickle before tossing it at you. I suggest, again, that you don’t try and block it but simply double jump over it (it will also stun you allowing for a free hit if it makes clean contact with Leon).

If you see death pull a bunch of white energy balls together, get ready to side step the White Energy Death (he will yell "die" just as he throws it). Again, don’t bother blocking this. Wait for the projectile to just line up with you after it is released then side step it. This particular projectile will track Leon, so do not side step too early.

The last attack, Minions, allows for one of the better attack opportunities that, unfortunately, need to be exploited during its start up. You will see Death put his hands together and yell "Minions!"; this is the prime opportunity to unleash a few good combos (if you're lucky enough to get in early, you could sneak in three of the harder hitting combos before having to run). You should eventually see a group of floating skulls come from behind and follow Leon. If they get close enough to Leon they will glow red and then explode. Those of you who are confident in running and evasion abilities should be able to bait the skulls into exploding without getting hurt (try running straight through the group then running away).

During the second half of the battle, Death will adopt one more attack called "Deadly Tempest". When you hear Death yell "Deadly Tempest!", choose a direct path on the floor that will allow you to run as far as possible without bumping into the invisible walls surrounding the ledge. Sprint across. When the first fireball hits, jump, then double jump over the blast radius. Keep running then quickly perform another jump as the second ball hits and a second double jump for the second ring (the double jump acts as insurance that you clear the phenomenon, it is possible to do this without the double jump).

Map Key

01- N/A
02- 3 Lizard Knights, 1 Phantom
03- 3 Lizard Knights, 1 Gaap
04- 1 Gargoyle
05- 8 Hanged Men
06- 2 Red Ogres, 2 Spartacuses
07- 2 Lesser Demons
08- N/A
09- 2 Dullahans
10- 2 Death Reapers, 1 Gaap
11- 3 Spartacuses
12- N/A
13- Event Item: VI Tablet, Number Lock
14- Event Item: Dragon Crest
15- N/A
16- 3 Death Reapers, 1 Phantom
17- 2 Red Ogre, 2 Dullahans,
18- 1 Gargoyle
19- 4 Death Reapers
20- 2 Chaos Swords, 3 Spartacuses
21- 3 Lizard Knights
22- N/A
23- 2 Executioners
24- 4 Axe Knights, 1 Flame Demon
25- 1 Gaap, 1 Gargoyle
26- Dark Room
27- Event Item: Unlock Jewel
28- Basic Item: HP Max Up
29- Lamp Room, 1 Floor Blobs
30- 2 Red Ogres
31- N/A
32- Tablet Flip Switch (for VI tablet)
33- N/A
34- Walter’s Throne Room

Cheats and Secrets

Play as Joachim: Beat the game once with Leon, then create a new game with the name @JOACHIM.

Play with all skills available: Beat the game once with Leon, then create a new game with the name @LLSKILL.

Play at Crazy mode: Beat the game once with Leon, then create a new game with the name @CRAZY.

Boss Arena: Once you have defeated the game, you will be allowed to face off against all boss, elemental, and doppelganger battles again in a sort of "survival" style contest (you will not get a break between battles). Simply look for the special portal in the Castle Entrance teleport room.

Duplicate Items: There is a secret exploit in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence that allows players to max out all of their items (basic items, equipment, whips, relics, event items, and even orbs!). In the Castle Entrance portion of the game, head for room 10 and stand between the two far lamps (closest to the teleport room). You must position Leon on the red strip of carpet that is closest to the left and face him looking out the window. Now press start and go to your items menu. You should now be able to add multiple items to anything you happen to select in the menu.

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