Castlevania Is Returning For Season 4 On Netflix

The hit series will be returning for more in the near future.


One of Netflix's more popular animated series, Castlevania, is coming back to the streaming service, as it was announced the show is getting a Season 4. The news was revealed in a three-second video on Twitter. There's not a lot to go on here, just some typical summoning of Sir Mirror. Check it out for yourself.

The original tweet asks you to reply with the clapping hands emoji. We're not sure if anything is supposed to happen if you do, as we've replied to the tweet and have not received a response. So it doesn't seem this is like the recent Candyman promotion, where if you tweeted something specific, you'd get to see a clip from the movie as a reply to the tweet.

The third season of Castlevania hit Netflix on March 5, and in his review, Mike Rougeau said, "Netflix's Castlevania is absolutely a guilty pleasure; a grindhouse cartoon for adults who grew up playing Symphony of the Night, listening to metal, and watching shonen anime. But it's also an exceptionally well-made guilty pleasure, with a fantastic cast, unique animated action, mature tone, decent writing, smart pacing, and generally gorgeous look, feel, and sound. In the end, you'll want to pick up a controller and revisit your favorite game in the series, which, in the troubled landscape of video game adaptations, is maybe the biggest compliment one can pay."

While we're still a long ways off from seeing the latest season, you can still look and see what's coming to Netflix this April, which includes a bizarre new WWE/Netflix movie about a kid wearing a luchador mask that gives him superpowers, so he uses these abilities to wrestling professionally.

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