Castlevania combo headed to GBA

2D gamers get a two-pack of out-of-print action adventure games to sink their teeth into.


Just like Dracula himself, old Castlevania games have a way of always coming back.

The original Belmont-based whippersnapper recently found new life on the Game Boy Advance last year as part of the Classic NES series. A pair of obscure Japanese Castlevania titles, Akumajo Dracula for the X68000 PC and Dracula X: The Rondo of Blood for the Turbo Duo, were resurrected in Castlevania Chronicles for the PlayStation. And now a pair of popular GBA installments in the series, Harmony of Dissonance and Aria of Sorrow, are being rereleased on the system as part of the Castlevania Double Pack (working title).

Released in 2002, Harmony of Dissonance gave players control of Juste Belmont. Half a century after Simon Belmont's first run-in with the unholiest of unholies, Juste returns to Drac's digs in order to track down relics that will help him discover what happened to a friend who went missing.

The following year, Aria of Sorrow introduced gamers to Soma Cruz, a hapless innocent who wakes up to find himself trapped in Dracula's castle, chosen to be the next incarnation of the dark lord. Soma's story continues in Dawn of Sorrow, Castlevania's DS debut, released last month.

The Castlevania Double Pack is scheduled for a first-quarter 2006 North American release. Both games were rated T for Teen when originally released.

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Aria of Sorrow is my favorite of the two.

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@sk7731 i agree with you. i was also hoping for a castlevania collection for the ps2 which also includes rondo of blood for a very long time. i hope iga will do this next year because it will be castlevania's 20th anniversary. @Semaj03 castlevania SOTN for the gba? c'mon they'll just release it to the psp instead and hopefully they'll include some more features from the japanese version (especially from the staurn version of the game). about castlevania double pack btw: i already bought these but if they put something special on this game, i'll definitely gonna buy it.

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This is good news for me to because I recently have been more interested in Castlevania for some reason. Hey, to the ppl saying that they're doing this just for the money, hey its two games for the price of one so there'll be plenty of ppl that find this a good deal.

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YES!!!...I totally agree with Vyse86. I feel the same way. I've been looking for Aria of Sorrow as well for a long time and with Dawn of Sorrow released, there is more of a reason to get it now and I can.

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Well I already have both, so a little to late.

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Good news actually since I sold both those games along with CV : CotM quite some time ago, a perfect oppurtunity for people who made the same mistake to re-purchase and another chance for those who have never played to do so.

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Let me join in the vast crowds of people saying you are incorrect about Castlevania Chronicles. I just don't understand how some people get away with something like this. If you haven't played a game, don't use it to make a point concerning the topic you were assigned. Come on, now!

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I've never played the series, I think it's time!

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Konami should've done a compilation of Castlevania games in a similar way that Capcom is doing for the Mega Man X series. All on one PS2 disc; maybe containing CV: 1-4, Legends, Bloodlines, Rondo of Blood, and Symphony of the Night with polished up sprites, remixed soundtracks and tons of extras.

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Why can't they do Symphony of the Night for gba?

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Thank-you Konami! I've been looking everywhere for Aria of Sorrow since Dawn of Sorrow came out. I'm definitely picking this up when it comes out.

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I have Dracula X: Rondo of Blood for my "turbo duo" and it is the better game than the game they picked for Castlevania Chronicles it should have been included. A Castlevania Chronicles 2 for Ps2 should have been done for Dracula X: Rondo of Blood already not this game boy pack for most everybody it would be a new game and everybody who has it can play it in english.

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Why couldn't they do Super Castlevania IV and Dracula X as a 2 in 1 or even rerelease Symphony of the night? That would have made much more sense. I mean, why rerelease a game that's only a few years old?

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yeah Magus704 i agree with you. i haven't got those games either

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Rowdy, I only have the first one so this is perfect.

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Would be good if Circle of the Moon was included too.

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Finally, I can purchase both HoD and AoS at a much lower price. As for slezye's question, CotM has sold enough copies to have a pretty low price in the preowned market.

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Castlevania III for the NES was the one with multiple playable characters frankeyser, not Super Castlevania IV. As for the actual topic, this is a good thing for people like myself who are huge Castlevania fans but never got around to buying HoD or AoS when they were released. Re-releasing out-of-print games is never a bad thing, really...if you already have the games and have no use for this double-pack, than who cares? There's no need to complain just because something doesn't affect you.

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I love anything with vampires. Hopefully someone will be happy because of this.

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Why not Castlevania:Circle of the moon???

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"A pair of obscure Japanese Castlevania titles, Akumajo Dracula for the X68000 PC and Dracula X: The Rondo of Blood for the Turbo Duo" Hey Brendan Sinclair research before you open your mouth. I know it had a ring to it and held your post together. However this is info is false. << LINK REMOVED >> This is YOUR OWN WEBSITE'S REVEIW. Yes the words "Rondo of Blood" are in there but reading will tell you why. It would have took you 1-2 minutes tops to read the review. I guess im just upset people like you are paid for your "work".

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Damn, why couldn't this come out before Christmas? Oh well, I'll be picking it up for sure.

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Pretty awesome, too bad I already bought both of them a long time ago. :(

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Might pick it up, because I've played neither, but I do have DoS and I'm more than sure that neither can compare.

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I missed them the first time, but now I can get them! YAY FOR TIGHTWADS!

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Great for gamers, bad for the losers on eBay asking $70+ apiece for sealed copies of these games. Nothing like reissues to kill the value of something.... I already own both games, but it's cool nonetheless.

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finally! catlevania is difficult to find

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Awesome, just the reason I needed for getting these games.

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I hope the source isn't the product page from EB Games' website, because that's been there forever. I hope this is a official comment from Konami.

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i was really hopeing for super castlevaina =( something about being able to be a pirate, the son of dracula and a whip swinging manic is just fan"vania"tastic.

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Hey, wow! That's about the most unorigional way to make a few bucks.

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Dracula X: Rondo of Blood was not released as part of the Castlevania Chronicles, what's this guy talking about?!

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Yeah when I read the title . . . I was hoping for some older Castlevania games.

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Harmony of Disonance and Aria of Sorrow?!? I was hoping for. . . Super Castlevania. Oh well. I already have HoD, but have been unable to locate AoS. this could still be a good thing.

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just like ff 1& 2 on the gba

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This is a great opportunity for me since I haven't got either of those games yet.

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wow. big whoop. any castlevania fan should already have these games. unless they throw in some extra features then this is worthless.

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Wait . . . Rondo of Blood wasn't on Castlevania Chronicles. Or was that just a Japanese thing? Or did I just really really miss out on something?

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This looks good.