Castle Crashers Releases For PS4 And Switch Soon

Crash all the castles.


It's nearing four years since Castle Crashers made the jump to current gen with a remaster on Xbox One. It's been even longer since San Diego-based developers, The Behemoth, launched the side-scrolling beat-em-up on last generation's hardware. Now, in celebration of the game's 10th--going on 11th--year on the market, the studio has announced that Castle Crashers is re-re-releasing, this time for Nintendo Switch and PS4.

In a Twitter post, The Behemoth stated Castle Crashers Remastered, the version of the game that launched on Xbox One back in September 2015, is making its way to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, no release date accompanied the announcement.

The developers penned a blog post on its official website detailing the announcement. Castle Crashers Remastered for Switch and PS4 will contain the Back Off Barbarian mini-game, all previously released DLC, and various gameplay improvements and performance updates. This re-release will also run at 60 frames per second and feature textures much improved over the original game's. Essentially, it's the Xbox One version of the game and more.

For the Switch version, Castle Crashers Remastered utilizes the system's HD Rumble feature and four-player local Joy-Con support. So you, your friend, and your friend's friend can play on one system using multiple Joy-Cons. PS4 owners who purchase the game will see the color of their controlled character displayed on the controller's lightbar. Who doesn't love a pink lightbar?

The Behemoth co-founder Dan Paladin gave some very specific reasons why this remaster is happening. It boils down to game preservation, a hot-button topic in the industry. "When we make games we want them to stick around," Paladin wrote in the blog post. He also notes that "higher resolutions, higher framerates, chances to make tweaks, and better overall quality" are "very satisfying."

At the end of the post, Paladin confirms that the studio is working on a new game. As of right now, it's codenamed "Game 5." There's no other information on this title, but Paladin ensures the studio will "have more information on this later in the year hopefully."

In our initial Castle Crashers review, we said the game is "an absurdly hilarious romp you won't soon forget."

Castle Crashers Remastered is available now on Mac, PC, and Xbox One. If you happen to have a PS3 or Xbox 360, you can play it there, too.

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