Castle Crashers make belated arrival on PSN

PlayStation Store Update: The Behemoth's beat-'em-up debuts on Sony's console alongside Sega's Valkyria Chronicles II, demos for Vanquish and R.U.S.E.


This week's PlayStation Store update features a bevy of long-awaited releases, but none longer awaited than Castle Crashers for the PlayStation 3. Originally released just over two years ago for Microsoft's original Summer of Arcade Xbox 360 promotion, The Behemoth's four-player arcade-style beat-'em-up has finally made its way to Sony's system and is selling for $15.

Finally, gamers can push R2 and triangle for a splash attack.
Finally, gamers can push R2 and triangle for a splash attack.

Also debuting on the PS3 this week is Telltale Games' Sam & Max Episode 5: The City That Dares Not Sleep, the final chapter in the current season of the episodic adventure game. It is available only to those who purchase the full season (called The Devil's Playhouse), but Telltale and Sony are offering a discount for the bundle, making it available for $20 instead of its normal $30 price tag.

The PSP has its own new addition to the downloadable game catalog in the form of Sega's Valkyria Chronicles II. A handheld-only follow-up to the 2008 PS3-exclusive original, Valkyria Chronicles II is set two years later and thrusts players into a Gallian civil war. The portable tactical role-playing game sells for $40 and casts players as a member of the Gallian Revolution Army, fighting a fierce battle against a tyrannical faction. Sony promoted a second PSP game, Ace Combat: Joint Assault, as being part of its update, but the game was not available as of press time.

Beyond the trio of new game offerings, the week's PlayStation Store update also includes a new addition to the PSOne Classics library, as well as high-profile add-ons and game demos. Bullfrog's Theme Hospital is the retro offering of the week, with Sony asking $6 to download the strategy sim to play on either the PSP or PS3. Meanwhile, BioShock 2 gets a single-player story-driven add-on in Minerva's Den ($10), and demos arrive for both Shinji Mikami's PlatinumGames shooter Vanquish and Ubisoft's deception-driven strategy game R.U.S.E.

A full list of the week's deals and new PlayStation Store content, including themes, wallpapers, demos, discounts, and add-on content, is available on the PlayStation Blog.

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Avatar image for Master_Turismo

I knew eventually it would hit the Playstation Network. It's a badass game. 83

Avatar image for Wolfie600

Someone mentioned that this game had the price tag of a +AAA title or something like that.. Justifying that this game is certainly one of the best Arcade games the Xbox has ever had.. +AAA certainly.. It has all the DLC also, Xbox fanboy and not showing hate. Let's be civilized :p

Avatar image for rasterror

Better late than never, even if it is very very late. Great game though.

Avatar image for Blu-Fan-Boy

Why release Castle Crashers for the PS3? its cheaper to play it on the Xbox 360 with the DLC and at the same time this has been done time and time again its just insulting to Sony lol its like "here you go Sony another seriously late game again cus we dont care F*** You Sony lol" hahahaha

Avatar image for Sirbobislost

@ peetowser Who is Scott Thompson ? Lol

Avatar image for Rixgear

Are you ppl just not getting it or something? the reason for the $15 dollar price tag is because it includes all the extra DLC from the 360 version. Not to mention some nice improvements to the game itself. The 360 version would probably be 15 or more right now including all of its dlc.

Avatar image for Avenger1324

Castle Crashers is good fun though you might have thought after the length of time that the price on PSN could have been a bit lower - equivalent to maybe 800 MS points or $10. It's good for an arcade game, but at $15 is competing against full AAA games from 6+ months ago that have come down to that price level.

Avatar image for Gooper_Blooper

Great news for PS3 owners! Enjoy CC, guys - it's awesome!

Avatar image for peetowser

@ Pipboy : I purchased DeathSpank... loved it I purchased Scott vs the World and it was great for a RiverCityRansom throwback... But CastleCrashers, which I bought immediately since I had been waiting for a year (I had been refreshing the PSN store every minute or so since 5 pm Eastern), gave me a LOT more fun already ... "This probably will last me until CastleCrashers come out..." -Me, while buying DeathSpank "Now if I buy Scott Thompson vs the World, CastleCrashers just HAS to come out soon!" -Me, ironically teasing karma... At least I got to own the first video game graphically designed by Paul Robertson (HUGE fan)... Now just gotta finish work and GREEN KNIGHT UNLEACHES

Avatar image for volcomstoner180

wow PSN didnt have this? get it naow PS3 users, such a great game!

Avatar image for UnknowGamer

I hope Monday Night Combat also comes to the PS3 like Castle Crashers

Avatar image for deactivated-5cd05fa50bb7d

Hopefully I can get someone to "Gameshare" it to meh :D

Avatar image for AC2TheTruth


Avatar image for hkymike

Just bought it and love it!

Avatar image for COPMAN221

My son has it on the 360 and I just got it on the PS3. I'm loving it. Awesome game...

Avatar image for deactivated-5802d4d9371b3

@ salvucci91: Are you serious man? He had to hand draw everything over again even though it was already established? Not sure what sense that makes, but I admire his tenacity, and I've always loved Paladin's art, and a majority of the stuff on Newgrounds. I just played the demo and it's pretty awesome, but I'm flat broke right now, so it will have to wait on a full purchase from me.

Avatar image for Coolyfett

Sounds good to Coolyfett. Its nice they release things often on PSN.

Avatar image for Simsyas

15 bucks and the demo didn't have a custom soundtrack option. :(

Avatar image for Shawn45

@Dante20XX, Microsoft had an agreement with Behemoth so that they wouldn't release their games on competing platforms.

Avatar image for XanderZane

I thought this game was on PSN many, many months ago. Damn.. they are just getting this now?

Avatar image for Dante20XX

I"m still wondering why the hell they didn't want it on the PS3 to begin with. And for that matter, the PC as well. It's mind-boggling.

Avatar image for Timk1931

Although I'm a 360 owner, I'm glad to hear Castle Crashers is making its way to PSN. Behemoth is a company that deserves all the profits it gets.

Avatar image for ahpuck

2 years for this? I rather play GoW, again. not worth $15.00

Avatar image for MKID232

Huzzah! Now if I only I hadn't played it to death on the 360. :(

Avatar image for IKillowatt

Castle Crashers!! Vanquish! R.U.S.E.! Oh my!! O.O

Avatar image for Ultramarinus

VC2 seems to be well worth the wait, possibly best birthday present ever! It was my own gift but still.. :P

Avatar image for twiglet015

Brilliant... but when the hell is it coming to the Europe psn???

Avatar image for Yazu13

I played this game for awhile at a cousin's house. It wasn't very fun after awhile, but I'm sure when it's your own game and you get to build up your characters yourself it's much better. Still, it seems a little repetitive

Avatar image for Fajonkel

Don't personally own a PS3, but I'm glad they're letting PS3 owners enjoy a classic game as well, even if it's around 2 years late.

Avatar image for goki1012

please make a castle crashers 2 already! my friends love this game XD

Avatar image for syam32245340

theme hospital! classic!

Avatar image for Hanzoadam

I've been kinda looking forward to it, but now its here I don't really care I doubt I'll get it :P Putting that Valkyria chronicles II video on the bottom was mean I want it now but gotta wait till friday :cry:

Avatar image for ballsackeristic

finally, after two years of waiting.

Avatar image for Colonel-Snake

@Xplode_77 No need to act like a child and label anybody in here. I have not seen anybody acting in the least bit of a fanboy except for you.

Avatar image for Colonel-Snake

The price in my opinion should be lowered to 10 dollars. Its a 2 year old game and it has minor improvements that could easily be added with a mere update if needed. When it drops to 10 dollars I will buy it on day 1. Until that happens my money will be saved up for some worth while DLC for any of my games if needed.

Avatar image for maximumbarmage

Doesn't Castle Crashers still cost around 15 bucks off Xbox Live after all this time? Wow.

Avatar image for salvucci91

@Pipboy360 Dan Paladan had to completely hand draw everything over again. What disappoints me is that the only addition was the volley ball mini game.

Avatar image for Kleeyook

Wow! 2 year-old game for a full price!? :(

Avatar image for DragonRift

Excellent news for PS3 owners! :) It's such a good game that needs to be experienced by everyone. Now if only they'd give XBL Fat Princess.... THEN the circle would be complete! :D

Avatar image for deactivated-5802d4d9371b3

I understand that these things can take time, but for a game that was already established and just needed some general tweaking, two years is absolutely incredulous for a port. Why would I pay $15 for a two year old game that debuted at $15? That's just greedy as all hell, and with Deathspank 2 around the corner, I can do without.

Avatar image for Kmda3

Hellllll yeaaa castle crashers!

Avatar image for Pete5506

Castle Crashers is way to much fun, I love the music in the game

Avatar image for DemonIced

I'll probably get it when it gets cheaper, I find that 15$ pricetag for digital download game a bit pricey. I don't have a problem with 9,99$ though... For casual games with that are often similar to iPod Touch games that are priced often less than half the price with as much gameplay if not more, but with less graphics of course... But that's only my 0.02$

Avatar image for Xplode_77

@jack00 GET IT NOWZ, ITS FREAKING FUN!!! DEFINATELY WORTH THE 15 BUCKS! btw Sony fanboys, your in for a treat ;)

Avatar image for jack00

I'll get castlecrashers for sure, when it's cheaper.

Avatar image for mf1986

space marine: "HELL, ITS ABOUT TIME"

Avatar image for monson21502

better belated then never i guess

Avatar image for KillerWabbit23

It's about **** time.

Avatar image for Uesugi-dono

Yay, VC II, however it IMMEDIATELY loses .5 off its score for NOT including the Japanese voice track.