Castle Crashers dev working on an Xbox One game -- Check out the bizarre concept art here

The Behemoth reveals "Game 4" today at PAX East.


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Image credit: Destructoid
Image credit: Destructoid

Today at PAX East, Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth revealed that it is working on an Xbox One game currently titled "Game 4."

Destructoid first reported the news, adding that the game is expected to be playable this year. More information about it is scheduled to be released at events like San Diego Comic Con and PAX Prime.

The site also obtained a piece of concept art for Game 4, and it is bizarre indeed. I'm at a loss for words; what do you make of it?

The Behemoth is best known for creating the Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid franchises. The studio also released BattleBlock Theater in 2013.

It is not much of a surprise to learn that The Behemoth is working on an Xbox One game, as the company is one of the many developers signed up for Microsoft's independent publishing program ID@Xbox.

We will have more on Game 4 as it becomes available.

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Castle crashes is the best arcade game of all history, I play it at parties. We need a sequel! Dual wield weapons maybe?

Avatar image for DemoKnight10656

if its not castle crashers 2 im not interested idk why they would make such a stupid decision because they don't like to make sequel *sigh*

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Avatar image for phatsanta

Looks like something from one of my creepy anime bullshits.

Avatar image for Neo_OnionKnight

"You don't control it man! You let "it" GIVE you control!"

Avatar image for ScottOakley

But will it run in 1080p?

Avatar image for Bavoke

that looks fucked up! i love it! xD

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Avatar image for Daian

OMG, kill it with fire!

Avatar image for kingcrimson24

what the hell is that O.o

Avatar image for sleepyinmorning

Adult game?

Avatar image for warhawk-geeby

God the irony in these comments is hilarious. Hyprocrites absolutely everywhere!

Sony announces 1000+ developers working on the PS4, with over 100 games releasing this year alone.. Xbox fanboys troll and say indies are dumb.

The Xbox One then gets one indie title. All of a sudden everyone loves indies.

Hilarity at its best.

Avatar image for Lordcrabfood

Except these could be different people.

Avatar image for Gallowhand

<< LINK REMOVED >> I know. It's sad seeing people uselessly flailing at each other over indie titles. To put things in perspective, Sony has released about 20 indies on PS4 so far, with at least another 65 in development, and MS has released 1 indie so far with at least 80+ indie titles in development for Xbox One.

The fact is both consoles will have lots of indie games available.

Avatar image for xxmavr1kxx

<< LINK REMOVED >> Thats just as hilarious as the Sony Fanboys using Flowers review score as an argument against a AAA game

Point of the Story is Fanboys are dumb

Avatar image for NightlyOne

Looks like something that would belong in Binding of Isaac. Maybe that's where the inspiration for this came from...?

Avatar image for vibroknife

Why do people say this reminds them of Adventure Time? Reminds me of that movie Spirited Away. In fact, the style seems like a complete ripoff!

Avatar image for phatsanta

@vibroknife Kinda I guess, its simplistic and smooth looking like adventure time though.

Avatar image for Blue_Owl

Looks like a creature from ADVENTURE TIME!!!!!!!! This concept art doesn't look that weird.... Watch Adventure Time and you'll see more creatures like this one here. ^__^

Avatar image for Butt_Chunx

<< LINK REMOVED >>I sure hope you're a kid otherwise it would be creepy that you watch children's cartoons like those pony freaks.

Avatar image for pedrovnone

<< LINK REMOVED >> You right! i already like that game, game 4. im anxious, hope it is all very similar to adventure time's art.

Avatar image for Gatman32

Looks like some Adventure Time shit!!

Avatar image for ohjtbehaaave

Human Centipede the game !!

Avatar image for steve_esquire

Haha awesome, Battleblock Theater was one of my favorite games of the generation. It's tough to make a solid game and then add a ton of hilarity that makes it even better. Very excited to see this!

Avatar image for jack00

Making it an xbone exclusive is a big mistake for behemoth games...

Avatar image for GSyymilleniaxenderyyGS

<< LINK REMOVED >> Says Sony fanboy!

Avatar image for jack00

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Says an xbone fanboy!

See, I can do it too.

The reason why it's a bad idea for Behemoth is because they are not a first party at MS. Despite releasing castlecrashers on the ps3 many many months after the 360, lots of people bought it. Would of had a hell lot more people buying it on ps3 if they had released it at the same time or a couple of weeks after. Same case with this.

See how I had a reflection behind that ? dumbass...

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Yes, that's a bit strange. Interesting though. I'm curious to see what the rest of the game looks like.

Avatar image for kujel

And the MS exclusives are already starting to steamroll sony's shite excuse for exclusives.

Avatar image for warhawk-geeby

Are you referring to a timed exclusive indie title now as an "exclusive" for MS? If that's how your brain works, maybe you should look at Sony's upcoming PS4 games for the rest of this year.

100 is a bigger number than 1 that's for sure. Unless you can't grasp simple mathematics.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> MS has exclusives now?

Avatar image for RJH_420

<< LINK REMOVED >> a giant spider looking cupcake man bangin sum girl with no hands steamrolls over sony exclusives lol? you are a sick individual

Avatar image for steve_esquire

Behemoth = amazing. This is a very good thing for MS.

Avatar image for RJH_420

<< LINK REMOVED >> o i know im sure behemoth is gonna b great for ms but kujel was making it like this game is gonna b a ps exclusive killer with just 1 weird ass pic lol just thouhgt it was weird

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That looks rather freaky. O_o

Avatar image for delete-easycomeeasygo

The art reminds me of Adventure Time. Cool I may have to check this game out.

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Avatar image for Too-DementeD

With that question-mark at the end of 'Game 4' in the concept art, it seems even Behemoth aren't too sure about this...

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What time is it? Adventure Time?

Avatar image for rasterror

I want Castle Crashers 2.

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I'm not the biggest fan of indie games, but Battleblock Theater was a pretty great platformer. Should be interesting to see how this comes along.

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is that a seatbelt the cupcake is wearing? and it looks like he is reaching out to pull a string that activates that spoon mechanism which then scoops out his brains. weird but ok.

Avatar image for MAD_AI

Why is there a spoon above the cupcake's head? Weird...

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Is it the sequel to Game 3 ?

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