Castle Crashers busting onto PS3

The Behemoth confirms four-player beat-'em-up will make the leap to Sony's hardware; exclusive content yet to be determined.


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It has been nearly a year since The Behemoth's Castle Crashers debuted exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade, but PlayStation 3 owners still holding out hope for a port will soon be rewarded for their patience. The Behemoth kicked off this week's Comic-Con with the announcement that Castle Crashers is indeed headed for the PS3.

It's totally on the PS3, with the triangle button and everything!
It's totally on the PS3, with the triangle button and everything!

Beyond the confirmation of a PS3 edition, details about the new version of Castle Crashers are scant. The Behemoth hasn't confirmed a release window yet and has yet to determine if it will include any PS3-exclusive content.

Despite its age, Castle Crashers continues to draw both attention and new players. Last month, The Behemoth announced that it had surpassed 1 million unique gamertags on its leaderboards, proclaiming it "the fastest growing XBLA game in history."

For more on the game, check out GameSpot's review of the original Xbox 360 release and first impressions of the PS3 version.

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Avatar image for cal_bond

Any updates on when this is supposed to be out for PS3?

Avatar image for efunk25

Played this on my buddies Xbox a while back. It's the bomb!!!

Avatar image for nerd_assassin

Woohoo! Now I got two games to look out for, this one and Fat Princess!!!

Avatar image for BigBacon87

@paxv1 Im sorry I shouldn't have grouped everyone together into one barrel. I meant to imply that the 360 fanboys complaining that we got one of their games or just a fanboy in general complaining about their dislike for the PS3 should not even bother posting over here. I thought I was obvious with that but apparently not my appologies. Any well wishers congratulating us on getting a good game I am totally down with. I hope they enjoy FF13

Avatar image for delcidanddarth

I'm not surprised that small, independent studios release exclusive games. They don't have armies of programmers to make multi-platform games. Thankfully, enough ppl played castle crashers on the 360, they made a boatload of money, and made a (hopefully easy) transition to PS3. However, I don't really see this one on the Wii... I think I would throw out my shoulder after 5 minutes of this awesome game.

Avatar image for paxv1

@BigBacon87 i have a ps3 and not a 360 but im saying that its great that the 360 player are coming and telling us what a great game they have and thats its coming over to us ps3 so hearing that its great makes me want it even i dont care if there ps3 or 360 as long as they can tell whats a great game....

Avatar image for PabloEscobar20

@BigBacon87 You serious?Im still on my 1st xbox for 3 years now and had no porbems with it.Even though i play over 6 hours a day nonstop sometimes.I guess its just luck lol.

Avatar image for BigBacon87

Why do 360 fanboys even bother posting over here? I don't go posting and complaining about how much I dislike xbox when they secure rights to games that were Playstation exclusives before. I get a little upset inside knowing that it won't be as good as it could have been because 360's aren't as powerful, but still. Stay on your own side of the fence, you rushed yourself and bought the crappier system. Get over it, you'll own a PS3 eventually anyways. PS - theres a 360 sitting beside my PS3 for your fanboy insight, it RROD'ed for the 4th time in 2 and a half years last week. Not making that up.

Avatar image for MATERAZZI_23

Welcome to PS3 crashers :D

Avatar image for gamerasi

I'm be happy:)

Avatar image for LeoGoBezerk

@bigmouthkid Yes it have. Best xba game to date for me.

Avatar image for itchyflop

me too i really enjoyed the look of it

Avatar image for Ehggsz

I was considering getting this game for my 360 a while back. But it looks like I will be getting it for my PS3 instead. I'm strapped for space on my 360.

Avatar image for paxv1

Now this is what i want to hear.... reading the comment below on how ps3 and xbox people coming together saying that this is great and not that one is better then the other.... so i just want to say that even if exclusive is good and it makes one better then the other but if there was no exclusive then every one well play the same game and be happy....

Avatar image for bigmouthkid

But anyway I'm really looking foward to this game. To all the 360 owners that have this game. Does this game have online multi-player?

Avatar image for bigmouthkid

@SalarianChemist: Let me correct you here man. Ok when it comes to multi-plats the 360's graphics are going to be better than the PS3 because its more easier for developers to develop games on the 360 than it is on the PS3. But as it comes to exclusives the PS3's graphics are a tad better because developers like Isomniac, Naughty Dog, and Konami(MGS4) develop games on the PS3 to the fullest Potential. Now compare Gears of War 2's graphics to Uncharted or MGS4's graphics and you tell me which is better.

Avatar image for GatCloudX

i will buy it if it goes to PSN i love playing that game at my friends and i would love to play it at home

Avatar image for duke-nukem11

i own both consoles. and one is stored in my shed at mo you wanna guess?....................... my xbox. thank you and goodnight

Avatar image for tennis12master

This is gonna be awesome. I played Castle Crashers at a friend's house once, and it was a ton of fun. And @Red_Dawn345: Yeah, PS3 exclusive downloadable games that suck... Ever hear of WipEout HD? Or Flower? Maybe, PixelJunk Eden? Nope, didn't think so.

Avatar image for Icehearted

On the bright side, you PS3 owners should have a better online experience than we in the Xbox camp did when it came out.

Avatar image for CamiKitten

Man I played the 360 version at a friend's house and loved it, so glad it's coming to ps3 so now I get the chance to finish it :D

Avatar image for Red_Dawn345

yes, finally a quality downloadable game from the psn. p. s. sony, STOP MAKING THOSE STUPID PS3 EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOADABLE GAMES THAT SUCK

Avatar image for mayceV

castle crashers was an exclusiv I really had no Idea lol

Avatar image for Kenaue

Sweet. I've only heard good things about this game, and I look forward to it.

Avatar image for izmickey

@SalarianChemist I have to disagree with you again my friend, respectfully of course. Lets say xbox360 may have better graphics, its absolutely not by much. Its like comparing 720p and 1080p, you have to look REAL closely, unless you do that you cant tell the difference. Good thing i decided not to buy it to play it on my bros xbox360. Too many games to buy....gotta love the PS3.

Avatar image for ascalon94

the truth is I think this game would be perfect on the PSP and or iphone espcially with multi-player.. anyone else agree????

Avatar image for MegaXtreme

I'm glad I held out on the 360 version. Now I can play it online, since I'm not paying for Xbox Live when I barely play my 360 as it is. I love my PS3 so much more. I'll hold out for this and Turtles in Time, which is coming to PS3 eventually, as well.

Avatar image for a55a55inx

that's good. Castle Crashers is one of my favorite games in the 360 arcade. PS3 owners should definitely pick this one up if they've never played it before.

Avatar image for Pale-Folklore

I'm definitively getting it.

Avatar image for GearHead3000

I like how Don's review is up there, after he got laid off. Poor Don. :(

Avatar image for STZ513

@delcidanddarth I would take something that MAY break and I'd get back within a month if it has good games and features than something that MAY not break with crap games and features for more money.

Avatar image for XeonForce

Awesome, I've been debating on whether or not to get it on my 360, but I know a few guys who will get it on the PS3. Choice is king. =)

Avatar image for burns112233

@ SalarianChemist Yes, but PS3 is getting exclusive content as well. Like in Bioshock. 360 got it first, but PS3 got it later with exclusive content. Same with Ninja Gaiden. 360 got Ninja Gaiden II and now PS3 gets Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 with online co op and other features. Plus there are so many good games on the PS3 right now I doubt owners like me care if we have to wait a year. We'll just play good games like Uncharted 2 which is coming out soon and inFamous while we wait.

Avatar image for skullboy950

My friend will be happy. :D

Avatar image for STZ513

And Sony steals another hit title from Microsoft. Oh well, we still have the best online services.

Avatar image for delcidanddarth

Release dates ARE important, especially when you rush a product out that hasn't been tested thoroughly. It's still amazing to me that despite initially having a horrible RROD malfunction in a significant number of consoles, people still bought the 360. As a consumer, I would be furious if my few hundred dollar item would break, and eventually get replaced months later... but I guess a mob of consumers is stupid and doesn't care.

Avatar image for charrr1234

Windows port please?

Avatar image for TheArcade

+2 points for PS3.

Avatar image for SalarianChemist

Last generation games would debut on the PS2, and then the original Xbox would get the game months later with graphics that were quite a bit better. Most people seemed to care about release dates more than graphics, though. This generation games debut on Xbox 360, yet the graphics and online play remain better on the Xbox 360. The simple fact is, release dates play an important part of a consoles success. Gamers don't want to wait to play their favorite games. For example, games like Grand Theft Auto 4 and the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 have features exclusive to the Xbox 360. Gamers who end up on the short end of the stick don't like this, but its all just business in the end. Last generation Sony loved playing these types of "business" deals because it resulted in the PS2 being number one. This generation Sony hates playing these types of games because the PS3 is in last place. Microsoft deserves to enjoy being number one with the Xbox 360 this generation in the high-definition market, just like Sony did with the PS2 last generation.

Avatar image for NuKkU

maybe ill get this who knows

Avatar image for tremor33


Avatar image for BigBacon87

@wallywallas nailed it. Fat Princess not dropping yet is driving me nuts. I am still pumped about this though. It was one of the few exclusives Xbox had I was interested in (keep Halo 5 through 20). After Bomberman and Worms, this was all I cared for.. glad I didnt throw money at my roomie to get this now, I prefer trophies to points.

Avatar image for raahsnavj

It's a good game, glad more people get the chance to play it.

Avatar image for TeabagChampion

This is truely awesome news! I remember going over to my friends house just to play this DLC on his 360.

Avatar image for mike468

It's really the best orginal XBL game there is.

Avatar image for hobotech64

Hooray for Behemoth! Independents should never discriminate.

Avatar image for damonkeypirate

YEAH!!!! always puzzled me why independent studios would want to go exclusive on stuff like this it just hurts them, by allowing it on more systems it means more money for them, which in turn gives this game a better chance of being successful and sequel potential

Avatar image for Barighm

Yay for Castle Crashers. It deserves every ounce of success it gets. So far it's the only Live Arcade game I have purchased.Everything else fell short. Sure hope this eventually gets a full retail release, but with the amount of money MS is probably taking it will probably take a few more megahits to get Behemoth out of the Xbox Live closet.

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