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Nintendo Store Update: Just-discounted handheld receives headliner, Crazy Pinball, notebook sim, while WiiWare picks up hidden object game Adventure on Lost Island.


Crazy Pinball
Adventure on Lost Island: Hidden Object Game
Castle Conqueror
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Nintendo's camera-equipped current-gen handhelds were given a $20 price cut yesterday, with the DSi's price falling to $150 and the DSi XL coming in at $170. Whether gamers picked up a new handheld yesterday or in the intervening period since their respective launches, they have three new options on the DSiWare's online store today. Wii gamers aren't left out in the cold, either, as one new downloadable addition has arrived for Nintendo's console.

Leading the DSiWare slate this week is Circle Entertainment's Castle Conqueror, a casual strategy title that's available for 500 DSi points ($5). The fast-paced title sees gamers deploying waves of troops to invade the enemy's strongholds using the system's touch screen, while also maintaining a defensible position within their own secured walls.

Castle Conqueror is like a zoomed-out version of Castle Crashers, kind of.
Castle Conqueror is like a zoomed-out version of Castle Crashers, kind of.

Dtp Entertainment has Crazy Pinball on tap this week for 500 DSi points ($5). The flipper action is defined by five tables, with themes ranging from Safari to Deep Sea. Nnooo's myNotebook series also expands this week with Tan, a 500 DSi point ($5) offering. The portable notebook sim includes 24 paper styles, five ink colors, and 128 pages to write on.

As for this week's lone WiiWare release, Ateam has deployed Adventure on Lost Island, a hidden object game. Available for 500 Wii points ($5), the game challenges up to four players with finding secret items that are obscured by various environmental obstacles and noise. The game also apparently includes ghosts and a dragon in "action stages."

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