Casper PS2 update

TDK Mediactive releases specific details on Casper Spirit Dimensions for the PlayStation 2.


Casper: Spirit Dimensions

TDK Mediactive has released specific details on its new Casper game for the PlayStation 2. The game, titled Casper Spirit Dimensions, features Casper in a head-to-head battle against Kibosh and his evil minions. Players must fly through four primary worlds, including a spirit world, an amusement park, a medieval world, and Kibosh's factory. Each of the four worlds has four bosses, and players must use energy blasts and power-ups such as extra lives to dispose of their enemies.

"The PlayStation 2 presents a new haunt for Casper, and we are raising him to a whole new level by taking advantage of this next-generation console," Vincent Bitetti, chief executive officer of TDK Mediactive, said. "With incredible graphics and exciting environments, Casper will appeal to a wide age range. The adventurous story will attract younger gamers, and the game's fierce enemies and challenging battles will draw in a more mature audience."

Casper Spirit Dimensions is being developed by Lucky Chicken Games and will be released this October. TDK Mediactive has already released Casper Friends Around the World for the Sony PlayStation.

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