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Cartoon Network Brawler Looks Wild, Combines Characters From Multiple Shows

Battle Crashers launches in November.


A new brawler that combines popular Cartoon Network characters is on the way. Titled Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers, the game is a 3D side-scroller that lets you play as six characters from across the network.

These include Adventure Time's Finn & Jake (they are one unit), Clarence from the show Clarence, and Steven from Steven Universe. The Amazing World of Gumball's Gumball is also playable in the game, alongside Uncle Grandpa from Uncle Grandpa and the combo-team Rigby and Mordecai from Regular Show.

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Battle Crashers lets you play alone or with up to three others in four-player drop-in/drop-out local multiplayer. Each character has its own unique strengths; for example, Clarence can put out fire with his soda-gun, while Rigby and Mordecai can remove electric charges with their electronic gloves.

In this way, players are encouraged to work together to defeat enemies and traps. However, at the end of a level there is only one winner, so players will need to be strategic to come out on top. This is somewhat similar to another beat-em-up game, Castle Crashers.

This being a game based on Cartoon Network characters, you can expect it to be funny and over-the-top. "It's got the kind of crazy humor and colorful visuals you'd expect from all these shows, and it's also very accessible for playing quick games with your mates," Etienne Jacquemain of developer Magic Pockets said in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

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All the characters are brought together because Uncle Grandpa accidentally drove his UG-RV through multiple dimensions, in turn picking up the characters from other universes. Players must fight "evil shard creatures" to make things right.

Magic Pockets is no stranger to games based on animated shows, as the studio was also behind 2013's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Battle Crashers launches on November 8 for PlayStation 4, according to a listing on the PlayStation website. The game doesn't appear to be exclusive to Sony's system, however, as Amazon has product pages for Xbox One and 3DS editions.

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