Carrie, Civilian

A profile of Carrie, a Civilian of The Division, for Stories of The Division. Sponsored by Ubisoft.

"There were seven people lined up on their knees, hands behind their heads. They didn’t look like criminals. They just looked tired and scared. The men holding them wore matching military uniforms, though. No badges I’ve ever seen before. Army probably? But they weren’t following any official protocol I can think of. Anyway, one of the women on her knees was crying and a soldier kept shouting at her to shut up. When she doesn’t, the soldier just walks behind her with his pistol out. That’s when I realize he's going to execute these people on their knees, without even a trial!

"Without thinking, I had my camera up, clicking away. The guy presses the barrel of his gun into the back of her head. She screams. A gunshot cuts through her cries, POP! But she’s still screaming. It’s the soldier with the gun who crumples. Then POP POP POP POP and all these crazy soldiers drop like ragdolls. The people on their knees look around in shock.

"My camera's still snapping away when four people walk over to the group, weapons lowered. No uniforms. They're wearing everyday clothes, but they’ve got all this high-tech gear. I think I saw glowing orange watches or wristbands. No idea who they were. They made sure the civilians were unharmed, then helped them to their feet and hustled them away.

"By the time I thought about following them, they were already gone. All I can say is, whoever they were, they saved seven innocent lives. And I have the photos to prove it."

Stories of The Division offers an intimate look into the lives of 20 fictional New Yorkers living in the world of Tom Clancy's The Division. These conversations are set during the early stages of the outbreak. This series was written and produced by Studio 61 of CBS Interactive in collaboration with Ubisoft.

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