Carnivores: Cityscape goes gold

The latest game in Infogrames' hunting-action game series is complete and will soon be available in stores. New screens inside.


Infogrames' upcoming hunting game Carnivores: Cityscape has gone gold, according to Sunstorm Interactive, the studio that created the game. The latest installment in the Carnivores game series features the same fast-paced hunting action as the previous games. The new game is set in the parks, streets, and sewers of a large futuristic city. After the crash of a mysterious spaceship, players must hunt down and destroy a horde of dangerous dinosaurs that are running loose in the city. The game also features an alternate mode that lets players assume the role of a dinosaur and fight their way to freedom.

We've posted some new screenshots in the gallery above that show off some of the game's creatures and environments. Carnivores: Cityscape is scheduled for release on March 26 by Infogrames' WizardWorks label. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the Carnivores series.

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