Carmelo Anthony: NBA Live 2005 cover athlete?

Though EA hasn't made it official, EBGames shows the Denver Nuggets star on the baller's box art.


NBA Live 2005

Though Electronic Arts won't announce its NBA Live 2005 cover athlete until next week, it appears the lucky baller has already been unmasked. A product listing for the Xbox version of the game on clearly shows Denver Nuggets' small forward Carmelo Anthony on the box art (pictured).

If true, the selection of Anthony would be an interesting choice. For one, the first-round draft pick--and near-rookie of the year--has already been on the cover of an EA Sports game, March Madness 2004. Secondly, much of NBA Live 2005's focus is on its new freestyle dunking engine, but Anthony is not known for his acrobatic jams.

However, Anthony's choice is not official--yet. EA Sports reps contacted by GameSpot would neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of the box art on, saying only that the cover athlete will be officially unveiled August 10. NBA Live 2005 will be released for the PC, Xbox, GameCube, and PlayStation 2 October 10, though you can read a hands-on preview of the game right now.

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