Carmack sounds off on GeForce FX

Id Software's technical director compares the Doom III performance of Nvidia's upcoming GeForce FX with ATI's Radeon 9700 Pro.


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In a .plan update, John Carmack, Doom III's lead programmer, has followed up early reports on the GeForce FX's performance with his own analysis of how Nvidia's card compares to the Radeon 9700 Pro in his upcoming game. Carmack said, "At the moment, the NV30 [GeForce FX] is slightly faster on most scenes in Doom than the R300, but I can still find some scenes where the R300 pulls a little bit ahead. The issue is complicated because of the different ways the cards can choose to run the game."

He also outlined the various quality modes that each card can run the game in, highlighting the degree to which Doom III's engine carries on the id tradition of highly customizable graphics engines. More details on specific Doom III effects can be found in the lengthy .plan update.

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