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Carmac discusses Katowice's success and the future of IEM

Travis sits down with Carmac to discuss StarCraft, CS: GO, League of Legends and Hearthstone at IEM Katowice, as well as the future of IEM.


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One week after IEM Katowice, Intel Extreme Master's Michal 'Carmac' Blicharz sits down with Travis Gafford. The two discuss IEM Katowice's success, Virtus winning CS: GO, the state of StarCraft, League of Legends at IEM's, his hopes for an IEM World Championship in North America and more.

For viewing convenience, topic time stamps are listed below:

0:45 – How did Katowice end up holding the IEM World Championships?

1:40 – How enjoyable was the event for Carmac?

3:15 – Any surprise by the live turnout?

4:00 – Thoughts on Virtus winning in CS:GO?

5:30 – Reaction of Polish fans to the whole event?

7:30 – What is the relationship between IEM and ESL ONE events?

9:05 – StarCraft pro players distract Carmac.

10:10 – Any chance for games to switch between IEM and ESL ONE in the future?

11:35 – Thoughts on StarCraft scene after finals hit 150k CCU?

14:15 – Was there ever a discussion of replacing Naniwa in the lineup for IEM?

18:50 – Carmac’s thoughts on Naniwa’s departure from Alliance following the event?

19:50 – How satisfied is Carmac with the format (inviting teams, etc) for the League of Legends circuit/tournament?

22:00 – Are there any changes or better formats for League of Legends in IEM that could exist in the current LCS dominated climate?

24:30 – Thoughts on the community’s reaction to IEM, wanting to see more international events?

25:30 – How Carmac would structure the League of Legends tournament ecosystem similar to Tennis.

26:55 – Response to inControl’s statement that streams were run separately from each other on finals Sunday due to request from developers.

29:00 – Hearthstone as an eSport, at IEM Katowice and the possibility of it joining the circuit.

32:00 – Carmac’s vision for bigger and better IEM’s in the future including an epic standalone event in North America, and one day holding the world championships in North America.

36:45 – Discussion of how IEM budget increases vs increased production.

38:20 – Carmac’s final words towards IEM fans following Katowice.

39:40 – Carmac’s thoughts on Scarra retiring and the aftermath of the “Tomorrow Big” video.

41:00 – How Carmac made Scarra’s life worse.

42:00 – Carmac to reach out to Scarra and Saintvicious to cast next year’s IEM events.

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