Carlito Makes Surprise Appearance At WWE Royal Rumble 2021

The former United States and Intercontinental Champion made his return to WWE after 11 years away.


Now that was cool Carlito Caribbean Cool returned at Sunday's WWE Royal Rumble event. He arrived at entrant #8 brandishing an apple that was certainly used almost immediately upon entering the ring, showing he's still very much bad to the core.

Carlto made his WWE debut in October of 2004 to win the United States Championship against John Cena in his first match. He also won the Intercontinental Championship on his first match on Raw when he was drafted in 2005 against Shelton Benjamin in his debut match.

In March 2014 Carlito's father, Carlos Colon, was announced as a WWE Hall of Fame inductee as part of that year's class. On April 6, he joined other members of his family in the actual induction ceremony and the first time he had been on WWE television in four years.

Carlito has also made appearances in Netflix's Glow as a trainer and brother to Britney Young's Carmen. Carlito is just the most recent addition of the surprising entrant's in this years' Rumbles. Just comes to show anything can happen...including the WWE Universe getting trolled by one of its own.

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