Cardboard-Themed Nintendo Switch Up For Grabs

Play on a cardboard Nintendo Switch.

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Now Playing: Cardboard-Themed Nintendo Switch Up For Grabs, As Mario Kart 8 Adds Labo Toy-Con Support - GS News Update

Nintendo is offering several Labo-themed prizes for the company's upcoming Creators Contest. The contest begins July 19 and continues through August 20. Some of the prizes are collectible Nintendo Switch accessories with custom cardboard paint designs.

One grand prize winner will receive a collectable Nintendo Switch system with a cardboard-themed paint job, a Labo Creators jacket, and a framed award certificate. Four runner-ups will win a pair of Joy-Con controllers with a cardboard-themed paint job and a Labo Creators jacket.

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There are two categories that contestants can enter: Best Toy-Con Musical Instrument and Best Gaming Experience Using Toy-Con Garage. The first asks for musical instruments created with Toy-Con Garage, whether the instrument already exists or comes from a contestant's imagination. The latter category accepts games created in Toy-Con Garage that display both quality and creativity. Regardless of which category you choose, Nintendo asks entrants submit a YouTube video of their creation in action to enter the contest. If you've previously submitted a creation to a past Creators Contest, you can resubmit it into this one if you want.

This contest is only the most recent development in Nintendo's continued support of the Labo. The company also released a trailer for a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe update that adds Toy-Con compatibility to the game, allowing players to drive with the Motorbike Toy-Con from the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit as they race around the track.

What other games do you want to see get Toy-Con support? Leave your answer in the comments section below.

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Avatar image for dr_vancouver

I think the "cardboard" Switch looks awesome. I know in the current climate of GS forums it's en vogue to hate on Nintendo for trying something different, also to pretend to have been a fan of theirs in the past so it may seem as if their own "fans" are turning against them (out of distaste for one single game), as if it will sour their actual fans because some greasy basement dweller's neck beard got a little twisty when their favorite game for other console was outsold by "just a bunch of cardboard" that isn't aimed at the dude-bro demographic anyway. Labo ain't for me, but I think it's cool as hell and if I were five or six years old I'd be all over it.

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@og_gamerzzz: Let me help you a bit...

"[…] nintendo branding, What an insult to […]" <-- You don't capitalize after a comma. You capitalize after a period. That's how sentences work.

"Switch is a joke unless its hacked." <-- You should use it's here, as in "unless it is hacked". The word "hacked" isn't owned by the Switch (hacked is not Switch's hacked; it's the Switch which is hacked) so you shouldn't use "its".

I give you a "C" grade for the effort and an "F" for the argumentation.

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@og_gamerzzz: While we're at it, eff Lego! All they do is sell you plastic and act like it's a toy. You don't even get a complete toy, you have to put it together yourself! The nerve of it all.