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Car Crash Attributed in Part to Pokemon Go

Thankfully, the driver is OK.


A horrible-looking car crash in New York has been attributed in part to the driver playing Pokemon Go.

The city of Auburn, New York today released a public safety alert (via GameSpot sister site CNET) that reminds people to use common else when playing the game. This mean do not play while behind the wheel or when riding a bike.

Also, the city of Auburn said: "Be aware of your surroundings when walking and do not stare down at your phone not knowing hazards around you, like roadways, drop-offs, waterways, etc. Use caution when sharing your location as strangers can see your location information. Travel in groups in public/well lit locations."

Image credit: City of Auburn, NY
Image credit: City of Auburn, NY

To hammer home its point, the city shared a story of a recent incident where a driver crashed into a tree after reportedly admitting to playing Pokemon Go while driving.

The driver in the July 12 crash was not seriously injured, but Auburn said, "This is an example of how easily accidents can occur when someone is engaged in the game and not paying attention. The accident investigation is ongoing."

As CNET points out, maybe one day Pokemon Go developer Niantic Labs will find a way to discourage people from playing while driving.

Until then, use your common sense. Playing a video game, or doing anything else that distracts you, is a bad idea while operating a motor vehicle.

Pokemon Go--which challenges players to catch Pokemon in the real world and also helps sell pizza--launched last week and has become a phenomenon on a level that Niantic might not have even imagined. On the business side, its release has added $9 billion to Nintendo's market cap. Nintendo didn't make the game, but it owns a share of The Pokemon Company, which produced Pokemon Go in partnership with Niantic.

Recently, it was reported that in wake of the game's huge success, Hollywood studios are scrambling to sign a deal for the Pokemon movie rights. In other news, two US Marines who were playing Pokemon Go helped catch an attempted murder suspect this week in California.

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