Car and Driver Endorses Grand Tour Racing '98

Activision's PlayStation racer gets endorsement from the world's most read automotive magazine.


Today Activision announced that it has secured an endorsement for its new PlayStation racing game from Car and Driver magazine. Car and Driver Presents Grand Tour Racing '98 will be released this fall under the Activision name in countries that use the NTSC video standard, excluding some Asian territories. The title was licensed from Ocean, and it was originally developed in Europe by Eutechnyx, Ltd.

Players can take control of 40 different vehicles in six different environments that span the globe. To develop the title, Eutechnyx took photographs and visited the various locations so that the game would accurately reflect the real landscapes of the environments they are based on.

Car and Driver magazine will advise Activision on the look and feel of the game, making sure that the game dynamics are true to life.

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