Captain Toad Is Headed To Switch, Nintendo Direct Confirms

New Super Mario Odyssey levels are included.


There are numerous Wii U games that it would be nice to see on Nintendo Switch, and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is one that's frequently requested. Nintendo finally is making those dreams come true, announcing Switch and 3DS versions of the game during the latest Nintendo Direct event.

There is some newly added content for this edition specifically themed around last year's Super Mario Odyssey. During our brief look at the game, Nintendo showed off a New Donk City-themed level. At this point, however, we don't know just how many new levels are being added; a press release shared after the broadcast says there are "new miniature courses based on various Kingdoms." This version also features two-player local multiplayer where each player can use a single Joy-Con. One controls Toad while the other provides support, doing things like firing turnips at enemies to keep them out of the way.

For the most part, Captain Toad is the same game you already know--it's a charming platformer where the titular character can't jump. As such, you rely on rotating the map to help find ways to navigate the world. In addition to this new Switch version, Nintendo also plans to bring the game to 3DS with 3D support and touchscreen controls.

Both the Switch and 3DS version of Captain Toad launch on July 10. A price was not shared, but Treasure Tracker for Wii U launched at a discounted price of $40 when it was originally released. For more announcements, check out our roundup of the jam-packed March 2018 Nintendo Direct.

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