Captain Marvel Stars Reveal What They Miss About The '90s

Why didn't anyone mention pogs?

Captain Marvel isn't just another entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's the second movie in the company's history taking place decades in the past. The upcoming movie centers around the Earth during a very important decade, the 1990s.

Aside from the super rad '90s-inspired website the movie got, the cast and crew came together to lament the past at a Captain Marvel junket recently. They were asked what they missed about the '90s. Director Ryan Fleck said he missed VHS tapes, while Samuel L. Jackson simply said, "Laserdiscs."

Director Anna Boden remembers a world where we were less connected as she talked about one thing she greatly missed: "Pay phones because then I wouldn't have to check my email all the time," she explained. One thing Brie Larson mentioned was butterfly clips, while Jude Law missed the band The Verve, who had a hit with their song "Freshman."

"I wish MTV had videos again," explained Clark Gregg. "I mean not just '90s MC Hammer, which were awesome. But just videos, music videos."

Since Captain Marvel takes place during this time period, you can expect a lot of references to the '90s, but will the movie have the courage to discuss the greatest game of the decade, pogs? Or maybe there will be a scene of Nick Fury playing with some Gak. More than likely, there will be a bit of nostalgia in the film.

Take a trip back in time, which is something Jackson revealed Carol Danvers can do, when Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8. You can read our review and breakdowns of how it handles Skrulls, what a Flerken is, and what's going on in the post-credits scenes.

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