Captain Marvel: Hasbro Reveals First Set Of Toys Based On Upcoming 2019 Movie

Everyone needs Brie Larson in a bomber jacket figure, or a two-eyed Nick Fury.

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If you've been looking forward to the upcoming March movie Captain Marvel, then the past few days have been a whirlwind for you. The latest trailer has dropped, and it looks pretty amazing. We also learned her story is getting a bit of retooling, which is a good thing since her comic book origin is very confusing. And now, Hasbro has revealed the first set of toys based on the movie.

Hasbro expands its highly-articulate Marvel Legends line with figures based on the upcoming movie. The new set consists of five figures: Captain Marvel with interchangeable hands and head, Captain Marvel in Bomber Jacket with her cat Goose, Talos, Nick Fury, and Star Force Commander. The line will be available for purchase in Spring 2019 and all the figures will cost $20 each.

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In addition, there will also be a Photon Power FX Glove toy available in January for $16. The electronic glove lights up and makes noise. Hasbro will also be releasing four dolls priced $13-$25: Captain Marvel Power FX Electronic Doll, Captain Marvel Doll and Goose, Captain Marvel (Star Force) Doll, and Cosmic Captain Marvel Doll. The dolls are in the 11.5-inch scale and all feature 11 points of articulation. They will hit stores this January.

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While the movie starring Brie Larson doesn't hit theaters until next year, there's a lot of talk about the new trailer, especially when fans found out Annette Bening is playing a Kree whose name hasn't been revealed to fans yet. Captain Marvel follows the story of a cosmic superhero engaged in an intergalactic war who finds out she was once from Earth. She heads to her original home to learn more and finds there are shapeshifting aliens on the planet as well, some of which are disguised as old women that end up getting punched.

After Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8, 2019, we'll get to see Larson in the role once more as she suits up for the unnamed Avengers 4, which comes out May 3. The post-credit sequence of Infinity War showed off the Captain Marvel logo, so she'll have to be the one that comes and saves the day for all of the superheroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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