Captain Marvel Easter Egg Hides A Cat In The New Poster

Chewie prepares to make her MCU debut.

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Marvel fans had much to celebrate this week, with the debut of the first trailer for the upcoming Captain Marvel and a brand-new poster. With so much happening in the trailer, it's understandable if you didn't spend long looking at the poster. But eagle-eyed fans might have spotted something to the left of the image hidden in the shadows. Is that a cat?

The feline infiltrator was spotted by io9's Jill Pantozzi, who adjusted the brightness of the poster image to reveal the back-end of what seems to be a cat, disappearing off the side of the image. You can check out the original tweet here, and look at a highlighted version below.

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Of course, there would need to be a reason for a cat to appear on the poster, and there's every suggestion that this is in fact Chewie, Captain Marvel's faithful pet. Chewie was first introduced in Marvel comic books in 2006 when Carol Danvers left Earth to go exploring the galaxy, and she gave Chewie that name because she reminded her of Chewbacca from Star Wars.

During a subsequent encounter with the Guardians of the Galaxy, it was revealed that Chewie isn't in fact a cat at all, but an alien species known as a Flerken. Flerkens are dangerous animals with scary inter-dimensional powers, leading Rocket Racoon to attempt to kill Chewie. Luckily she escaped, but not before laying 117 eggs which soon hatched into an ridiculously large brood. How much of Chewie's powers we'll see in the movie remains to be seen, but it's a great touch to include her on the poster.

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 6, 2019. Its cast includes Brie Larson as Carol Danvers and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, plus Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn, DeWanda Wise, Gemma Chan, and Clark Gregg. For more check out our guide to everything we know so far about Captain Marvel.

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Avatar image for snugglebear

You changed the title to remove the word Furry! The children can sleep peacefully now.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

The O.G. of inter-dimensional cats, Mr.Cheshire, is not amused by this upstart.

...and that's no "Furry," else this movie really WILL be something to see!

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Coincidentally, I convinced several people that Chewie laid eggs in Solo.

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@timthegem: Those, um... weren't... eggs.

Gonna need more air fresheners on the Falcon.

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Its Nick Furry.