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Captain Blood Updated Impressions

Pirates don't stand a chance against this captain and his trusty murdering sword.


Captain Blood. If there was ever a name that said it all, this would certainly be it. You know you’re getting a game starring a character who doesn’t mess around, who leaves a trail of mangled enemies in his wake, and who does it all with the cool, collected air of someone who knows how to pilot a boat. In this case, that titular character is the star of a new pirate-themed beat-'em-up from Russian publisher 1C and developer SeaWolf. We recently had a chance to see what Captain Blood is all about during a quick demo at GamesCom 2009.

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What's New: We last saw Captain Blood a year ago at the Leipzig Games Convention. It was a great-looking game then, and it has only gotten better with time. The game features a vibrant art style with saturated colors and slightly cartoonlike characters, which combine to make for a very nice look.

What's Different: Captain Blood is still the same straightforward beat-'em-up that it was when we last saw it. You’re still the same angry captain running around killing dozens upon dozens of Spanish pirates in harbors, on ships, and anywhere pirates may call home. You’ll also be able to take on bosses in fights that rely heavily on quick-time events to add some dramatic flair to the battles. In addition, there are also points when you’ll need to man a cannon and shoot from a first-person perspective to keep enemy ships from approaching and keep the enemy from boarding your ship.

What's The Same: See the above paragraph (especially the part about killing lots of Spanish pirates).

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What Impression The Game Made This Time: For a game that’s so simple and straightforward, Captain Blood is suspiciously charming. Maybe it’s the ridiculous title, maybe it’s the undeniably attractive visuals, or maybe it’s the fact that you can execute all manner of obscene fatalities on enemies as you slash your way through them. Either way, Captain Blood somehow caught our eye, if only for the duration of the brief demo we experienced. Whether or not the appeal lasts over the course of the full game is something you can find out when the game is released early next year.

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