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Captain America And Boba Fett Xbox Controllers Get Huge Discounts

Wield the shield-inspired Captain America Xbox controller, or unleash your inner Mandalorian with this terrific Boba Fett peripheral.


Xbox controllers come in a variety of colors that can suit just about any particular taste, but only one of them has a star-spangled design that looks fit to wield a Vibranium frisbee. Over on Amazon, limited-edition Captain America Xbox wireless controller from Razer has just received a big discount, with its price dropping from $180 to just $108.50. This is the lowest price we've ever seen for this controller.

This is an eye-catching device, as the red, white, and blue color scheme is accentuated by sleek lines, stars, and it comes with its own themed charging dock. Just like Microsoft's official line of Xbox controllers--keep in mind these are officially licensed and have the same design as Microsoft's various colorways--the Razer one sports fantastic ergonomics, impulse analog triggers, and one of the best D-pads around.

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Alternatively, you can travel to a galaxy far (far!) away with the Boba Fett controller from Razer. vailable at a discounted price of just $115--also the lowest price we've seen--this controller sports a more weathered design and is influenced by the infamous bounty hunter's Mandalorian helmet. The charging dock syncs up with this color scheme brilliantly, and it has all the unique hardware benefits that you'd expect from an Xbox wireless controller.

Both controllers have a strong battery life, and when you do need to eventually recharge them, you'll be able to go from empty to full in around three hours using the charging dock. As a reminder, these controllers aren't just compatible with Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, you can also use them on PC via a USB-C connection or with a Bluetooth dongle for wireless connectivity.

For another great Xbox controller deal, you can head to Amazon to grab an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller for $149 right now or you can get your hands on the Elite Series 2 Core controller (white model) for $105 at the Xbox Store.

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