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Capes Is A New Tactical RPG Superhero Game Set In A World Ruled By Supervillains

Former Hand of Fate developers have banded together to tell a grim and gritty superhero tale.


Spitfire Interactive has unveiled its debut game Capes, a superhero tactical RPG set in a bleak world ruled by supervillains. With superheroes essentially wiped out, the world has been forced to endure the iron-fisted tyranny of the supervillain ruling class for the last two decades, but now a new generation of heroes is stepping up to save the day.

The trailer for Capes contains plenty of heroes that you'll be able to recruit to your cause, with gameplay ranging from rescuing civilians caught in the crossfire to landing a knockout blow on any colorful criminals that you run across.

As an added twist, you'll be able to grow your heroes and unlock new abilities that can be combined to form powerful new attacks. There'll also be secret histories of villains and heroes to uncover, multiple locations to visit, and a wide range of diversity present in the heroes that can be recruited. If the idea of the game sounds familiar, that's because Freedom Force writer Morgan Jaffit is involved in the game and is Spitfire Interactive's director.

"I started my career writing on Freedom Force alongside [BioShock writer-director] Ken Levine, so this feels like a return to where my journey began," Jaft said in a press release. "My team and I want to explore the 'darker side of every coin' and we have the best people possible to do it."

Capes will launch on PC via Steam in early 2023. It's not the only superhero game with a tactical RPG premise coming out soon, as XCOM developer Firaxis will release Midnight Suns by the end of March 2023. While Capes features original heroes and villains, Midnight Suns packs some brand recognition punch as a Marvel game and features iconic characters such as Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Blade.

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